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Diapers & Wipes Bundle

Diapers Bundle

Trial Includes:

A sample size of natural, high performing diapering essentials.

  • • Diapers (7 count)
  • • Wipes (10 count)


  • Natural & gentle – sustainably harvested pulp, natural odor-inhibitors, and plant-based materials – NO risky fragrances, lotions, or latex
  • Ultra absorbent – superior performance & moisture retention
  • Premium fit – cloth-like feel, contour elastics, and stretchy re-fastenable grip tabs
  • Fashionable designs – choose from a growing selection of stylish prints for your girl or boy


  • Safe & gentle – cloth baby wipe that's ultra thick, all natural, biodegradable, & plant-based
  • Effective & sensitive – botanical ingredients & ultra soft cloth gently cleanse, soothe, & nourish to promote healthy skin
  • Perfectly designed – to be the only one you'll ever need from "cheek to cheek"

Essentials Bundle

Honest Essentials Bundle

Trial Includes:

A trial size of 5 natural, non-toxic personal care & home cleaning essentials.

  • • Shampoo + Body Wash
  • • Face + Body Lotion
  • • Multi-Surface Cleaner
  • • Healing Balm
  • • Hand Soap

Shampoo + Body Wash

  • Natural & organic ingredients gently cleanse, moisturize & nourish your baby & family's entire body from head to toe
  • Perfectly pH balanced to remove dirt without stripping natural oils & protect tender skin & delicate hair
  • Tear-Free • Hypoallergenic • Color-Safe • Vegan • Biodegradable • pH Balanced • Naturally Non-Toxic

Face + Body Lotion

  • Our natural, nourishing lotion soothes & supports babies and bodies of all ages
  • Natural oils balanced with organic botanicals leave skin feeling supremely soft and never greasy
  • Hypoallergenic formula perfect for all skin types – sensitive, dry & allergy-prone

Hand Soap

  • Infused with essential organic lemongrass oil and grapefruit seed botanical extracts to protect, clean, and soften hands
  • A low-sud lather guaranteed to be effective, safe, and completely non-toxic
  • Natural & Nourishing • Non-toxic • Biodegradable • pH Balanced

Multi-Surface Cleaner

  • Effectively penetrate & emulsify dirt, grease, oil & grime from virtually any surface in your home
  • Repels dust naturally without leaving residues behind – only the fresh smell of white grapefruit
  • Natural • Non-Toxic •Biodegradable • pH Balanced

Healing Balm

  • Soothing protection & relief for sensitive skin & diaper rash
  • Organic sunflower, olive, & tamanu oils work with enriching shea butter to nourish, moisturize & help protect sensitive & irritated skin
  • Certified USDA organic formula promotes healthy, supple, soft skin anywhere you need it – top to toes!

Health & Wellness Bundle

Health and Wellness Bundle

Trial Includes:

A 1-day sample of ultra-pure, whole-food based supplements for your family.

  • • Prenatal and DHA/Omega-3
  • OR
  • • Baby & Toddler Multi Powder and Kid's Chewable Multi-Vitamin


  • Whole-Food Based – our bodies are made to digest real, natural food. So we use wholesome organic fruits & veggies to ensure optimal absorption
  • Researched Based Potencies – High potency folic acid, Vitamin D, iron & B-complex to support both baby & mom
  • Doctor Formulated & Recommended - We rely on a team of experts to ensure a healthy start – beginning with only the purest, high quality, nourishing ingredients
  • Complete Multi-Vitamin + Minerals + Superfoods + Antioxidants + Amino Acids + Probiotics


  • Complete Formula – Ultra-pure, gentle & enriching, high potency and 100% natural
  • Women & Mom’s Health. – Promotes positive mood, brain function, immunity & cardiovascular health & reduces inflammation – perfect for before, during & after pregnancy*
  • Baby Growth & Development – Critical for fetal & infant brain development, as well as cardiovascular, eye, immune & nervous system health*
  • Premium Pharmaceutical Grade Oils – Finest fish oil from smaller, wild (not farmed), cold water fish, including mackerel & sardines, to ensure purity and sustainability

Baby & Toddler Multi Powder

  • Whole-Food Based – Filled with 22 essential vitamins & minerals from 31 organic fruit & veggies, in addition to key antioxidants, superfoods, amino acids & more to promote healthy growth
  • Key Nutrients – Optimal balance of Vitamin D, Vitamin A, folic acid & iron to support brain function & promote healthy growth & development
  • Healthy Probiotics – Made with a unique blend of 500 million live bacteria cultures clinically proven to support a strong immune system & healthy digestion*

Kid’s Chewable Multi-Vitamin

  • Premium Formula – 100% natural multi-vitamins made with 36 organic fruit & veggies, plus other key antioxidants, superfoods & amino acids for super kids!
  • Great Tasting! – Delicious chewables made with a blend of organic and natural tropical flavors with less than 1 gram of fruit sugar per serving. Kids love the taste! Formulated with Sweetnol – a natural sweetener made with Erythritol and Stevia with zero glycemic index, zero calories, and no aftertaste
  • Probiotic Power. – Made with 500 million active probiotic cultures in each serving to help boost immunity & support digestion*

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