honest feeding every child deserves an Honest start

No breast versus bottle, no right or wrong: We believe how parents choose to feed their babies is a personal process based on the needs of their families. We know it can be quite an emotional decision. That’s why we’re here not to judge, but rather to support parents with a range of researched information and safe, premium products that empower every family to make the best choices given their unique circumstances. 

We’re aware that breast is best, but we also understand that families may choose or require other options. No parent should have to feel guilty for choosing to feed her or his baby one way or another. Parents have been nourishing their children in all kinds of ways since the beginning of time as we know it. With Honest Feeding, The Honest Company hopes to represent the next step in the evolution of nourishment as we help you lay the foundation for a safe, healthy and happy future.

our standards it’s an Honest choice

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our story every story has a beginning…

The Honest Company began with parents like you seeking better choices—safe and effective products that were non-toxic for their families and homes. When they couldn’t find one brand they trusted for all of their needs, they decided to create one. Ever since, Honest has grown alongside families like yours, proudly providing healthy premium products for every experience of our daily lives.

As Honest parents, we tried to do it better. We sought to make a wholesome breast milk alternative, reflecting world-class innovation from experts in the field, with best-in-class ingredients, safe packaging, and ultra-clean batching and blending. In 2007 we began meeting with doctors, food scientists, and nutritionists to understand the latest in infant developmental and nutritional sciences. We’ve worked closely with development specialists and formulation experts to create quality, organic nutrition made with integrity, passion, and purity. 

Unquestionably safe and beautifully designed, Honest Feeding represents this pursuit of premium nutrition for babies and informed support for every parent, no matter how they choose to feed their children. This represents our commitment to provide a range of options for the best possible start for all children through every stage of their growth and development. We’re honored to have your trust as you join us in living an Honest life from the very beginning.

radical transparency

With a name like The Honest Company, the obligation—and expectation—to be transparent may not seem so radical. When it comes to Honest Feeding, however, your right to know represents a revolution in the marketplace. The integrity of our brand compels us to change the status quo of secrecy in this category to remain honestly accountable and radically transparent.

Ingredient Transparency 
A boon to empowering and informing consumers, the Gould Amendment of 1913 required food manufacturers to list ingredients on their labels. As food became more processed, however, more loopholes have been found to avoid listing the complete contents. Examples include using the Latin names of grains (Triticum vulgare [wheat], Hordeum vulgare [barley], Secale cereale [rye]), hiding sugar behind scientific terms like “corn sugar” (HFCS) and “sucrose,” and listing “textured vegetable protein” or “yeast extract” instead of MSG. With the prevalence of allergies, this practice is more than deceptive—it’s dangerous. We’re out to change this.

Honest provides clear, comprehensive, and understandable ingredients lists, as well as details about common allergens.

Packaging Transparency
This may leave a bad taste in your mouth: More than 6,000 chemicals are used in food packaging and at least 154 are considered hazardous by EU regulatory standards. Whether it’s cans, packages or foil, consumers still know too little about this potential source of toxic food contamination. That’s not likely to change anytime soon since packaging composition is protected by trade secret legislation—even from food manufacturers themselves! We’re definitely different. 

Honest packaging is thoroughly researched and tested for your health and safety.

Manufacturing Transparency
We know that fresh, local, whole foods are healthiest. We also understand that most people can’t eat a diet solely made up of those types of foods. “Processed foods” get a bad rap, but unless it goes straight from the farm to your table, it needs a certain amount of processing. It’s not always bad; oftentimes, it’s just a more efficient form of food preparation (like heating soup). We ensure every step we take preserves the integrity, nutrition, and flavor of foods as much as possible, without sacrificing quality for convenience. And you’ll know what we’ve done. 

Honest shares what goes into their products and how we go above and beyond to make it the best it can be.

Source Transparency
We love to think that with every product we create, you come closer to the inspiring people, landscapes and plants and animals at their origin. We personally visit the farms and suppliers of our ingredients in the belief that being more connected with sources leads to more responsible, healthy choices about what you eat. These decisions impact not only your health, but also the health of the people, communities, environments, and economies that provide all we consume. (That’s why eating organic is important.) 

Honest connects you and your kids to the farms and communities where your food comes from–it’s educational, it’s inspirational, and it’s our passion.

Ask us anything
Really—just ask. We have nothing to hide.