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Made with pure, high quality & real food nutrients to provide the critical nutrition needed to support the development of a healthy, strong body.* Our ultra gentle & enriching nutrient plus probiotic blend is perfect for sensitive tummies (and taste buds!).


  • Healthy Probiotics. Made with a unique blend of 500 million live bacteria cultures clinically proven to support a strong immune system & healthy digestion.*

  • Whole Food Based. Filled with 22 essential vitamins & minerals from 31 organic fruit & veggies, in addition to key antioxidants, superfoods, amino acids & more.

  • Key Nutrients. Optimal balance of Vitamin D, Vitamin A, folic acid & iron to support brain function & promote healthy growth & development.

  • Doctor Formulated & Recommended. Developed by a team of experts, beginning with only the purest, nourishing ingredients & crafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality product.

  • Kid Approved! Great flavor & easy to digest – kids love the taste!

  • Gentle & Effective. Excellent bioavailability for maximum benefit – extra gentle for no upset tummies.*

  • Convenient. Individual serving packets are pre-measured & make it easy to mix in food & drinks.

  • Pure & Unadulterated. HONESTLY FREE of commonly found binders, fillers, allergens, synthetic additives, pesticides & contaminants.


soy, wheat, gelatin, sodium, dairy, eggs, lactose, tree nuts, peanuts, fish/shellfish, gluten, yeast, casein, sweeteners/HFCS, GMOs, dyes/colors, parabens, phthalates, preservatives, salicylates, artificial flavors, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals & synthetic additives

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soy, wheat, gelatin, sodium, dairy, eggs, lactose, tree nuts, peanuts, fish/shellfish, gluten, yeast, casein, sweeteners/HFCS, GMOs, dyes/colors, parabens, phthalates, preservatives, salicylates, artificial flavors, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals & synthetic additives

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30 servings per container.

Mix daily with drink, breast milk, formula, or food (yogurt, cereal, applesauce, etc.). Stir or shake well. Do not mix with hot foods.

Tested & certified for quality, purity & potency. Carefully prepared in small batches.

Produced in a GMP certified U.S. facility with rigorous safety standards for superior quality.

Store in a cool, dry place. Do not refrigerate.


As with any other dietary supplement, consult your physician before using this or any product if you are pregnant, nursing, trying to conceive, taking medication, or have a medical condition.


Accidental overdose of iron-containing products is a leading cause of fatal poisoning in children under age 6. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. In case of accidental overdose, call a doctor, or poison control center immediately.

medical advisors

As a midwife, I look forward to being able to also recommend Honest Health & Wellness as better, safer supplements. Pregnant women and those precious babies deserve the very best!

Deborah Frank Nurse/Midwife

It is now accepted that complete nutrition, including diet and supplements, are vital to the development and health of the family

Dr. Marshall Kadner, MD MD OBGYN Board Certified

Honest uses organic fruits and vegetables which not only taste great but have the added benefit of being rich in health-promoting antioxidants

Dr. Lisa Hauselman Pediatrician, Board Certified

Honest Health & Wellness Products are superior to most of the products currently on the market and I would be happy to recommend them to my clients from the littlest babies to my teenagers to my pregnant mommies

Nicole Meadow Registered Dietitian and Certified Lactation Counselor

I believe in keeping my own kids and everyone else's kids safe and healthy, and that's why I am such a fan of the Honest Company.

Dr. Cara Natterson Pediatrician, Board Certified

I tell my patients that you can't be too careful ensuring purity and reliability when it comes to prenatal vitamins and nutritional supplements that you're going to take every day.

Dr. Ricki Pollycove OBGYN, Board Certified

High quality, whole food-based nutrition is one of the key ingredients to optimal health for all of us, from infancy to adulthood.

Dr. Larry Rosen Pediatrician, Board Certified

Honest supplements help support you using the power of pure, whole foods to ensure your whole family is healthy and happy.

Dr. Thalia Farschian Naturopathic Doctor
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honest testimonials

I have been purchasing the Baby & Toddler Multi Powder since it was introduced. I like that the packaging is portable and pre-measured and that the powder can be easily mixed in... [more]
Jean B., new york
I love the fact that my son gets his vitamins, probiotics, and minerals all in one yummy [Baby & Toddler Multi] Powder! It gives me such a peace of mind that he is getting all ... [more]
Megan W., north carolina
We love the Honest [Baby &] Toddler [Multi] Powder vitamins. My son's one year blood work came back from the doctor as anemic. The doctor suggested we start him on a multivitami... [more]
Amanda R., louisiana
I love the [Baby & Toddler Multi Powder]! We were so excited to find these vitamins because my daughter has a digestive condition that requires her to be a soy free vegan. Prior... [more]
Allison M. , new jersey
I was thrilled to find this product. My toddler had low iron and despite my best attempt at feeding her iron-rich foods, her iron remained low and her pediatrician recommended a... [more]
Marisa S. , pennsylvania
I love [the Baby & Toddler Multi Powder]. I only use it once a day to supplement his diet. I feel great knowing it's from organic food and he enjoys the taste. I mix it with his... [more]
Angela C. , california
I am so thankful for [the Baby & Toddler Multi Powder]! I started using it with my youngest son at 7 months old, and he never had any problems digesting it, and loves the flavor... [more]
Bethany D. , texas
My baby would not take the [conventional brand] vitamins. We had to shoot it into his mouth with a syringe. I don't blame him it is gross and it's stains his skin and clothes. T... [more]
Shawna Z. , rhode island
We love [the Baby & Toddler Multi Powder]! It doesn't taste bad and I can add it to anything. I usually just put it in my daughter's (9 months) water. I love that it also is a p... [more]
Ariana S. , kentucky
My son needed to take a vitamin with Iron in it and I was giving him these drops and he absolutely would cringe every time I gave him these drops. Also I looked at the ingredien... [more]
Jacqueline P. , illinois
I love that [the Baby & Toddler Multi Powder] is tasteless and can go undetected in just about anything my baby eats! I also feel good knowing that I'm giving my child a healthy... [more]
Amanda M.
We absolutely love the Baby & Toddler [Multi] Powder!! Our son has no idea he's getting such a perfect blend of vitamins, fruits and veggies, we just blend it right into his mil... [more]
Cherise K., california
My daughter loves the [Baby & Toddler] Multi Powder vitamin! I give it to her a a bite or two of applesauce after her dinner. She thinks she is getting dessert!!!!
Lindsay J. , ohio
Love, love, love this product! My children generally eat very well but I was always worried that they weren't getting enough nutrition when they would be teething or sick. I sea... [more]
Elyse F. , montana
I use the Baby [& Toddler] Multi Powder for my 19 month old son. It's super easy to mix into his yogurt and he gobbles it up! I don't always have the time to make him the health... [more]
Cassandra M. , california
I love the Baby & Toddler Multi Powder. It's easy to use and my toddler doesn't even know I put it in his milk. I've noticed a change in his energy level. It's great - I love it!
Anielle Q., florida
I first bought the Baby & Toddler Multi Powder after trying to cut back on sugar and deciding the vitamin gummies had to go. I mix it into orange juice in the morning and if I f... [more]
Danielle M., florida
Love my Honest Baby [& Toddler] Multi Powder. We use this for both our little ones and love how versatile it is. We often mix it into yogurt, apple sauce or even a smoothie. My... [more]
Kiera P. , oklahoma
I am so thankful for the Baby & Toddler Multi Powder! I was having the worst time trying to find a non-gmo multi vitamin for my baby until I came across this one! My son loves... [more]
Stephanie H. , washington
First, thank you! My 14 month old is anemic and I've had to settle for liquid iron supplements that contain dyes and other questionable ingredients. I was on the search for a na... [more]
Meredith J., north carolina
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