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Honest Mama Beyond the Bump Kit
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Honest Mama Bump Care Kit
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Me Moment Soaking Salts
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Glow On Body Oil
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Calm Your Nip Balm
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Sweet Curves Body Lotion
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Bump Love Bundle
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Formulated for every stage of mama's journey.

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Keep It Lush Postnatal Hair Wellness Supplement
Love the Tatas Postnatal Lactation Plus
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Think Ahead Pre + Postnatal DHA
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Honest and True, Baby Bump and You—Essential Self Care

Alright mamas-to-be. Brewing a baby in the belly is hard work! You know, we know it, and let’s be real… your skin and bod knows it too. Even with the best skincare routine, you’ll likely emerge on the other side with a few stripes for your troubles. Wear those stripes proudly because they make you a warrior.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t pamper yourself in the meantime and give your skin and body the best care to help it bounce back quickly. Our line of organic pregnancy products are designed with the safety and welfare of both you and baby in mind.

You can start off with our Honest Mama Beyond the Bump Kit. It offers some of our favorite pregnancy products to help you relax, hydrate, and radiate that beautiful #MomGlow everyone raves about. Side note—our products work even if you don’t feel particularly relaxed or radiant.

Of course, you can’t forget the inner pampering too. That’s why we offer a line of vitamins that are designed to follow you through your entire journey as a new mom, both before baby and after baby so that you are primed and ready to be a total #MomBoss and #MomBabe. Because that’s just “how we do” at Honest Co.


*As always, if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, check with your doctor before starting the use of any new product, as they know your history best.