Woman holding CCC Tinted moisturizer with SPF


Defends against UVA, UVB, blue light, and environmental aggressors.

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SPF Tints for the Honest Route to Picture Perfect Skin

We all want smooth, even, glowing skin. Many of us use two products to achieve this goal: corrective tinted moisturizer, so our skin looks great today, and SPF so that it still looks great tomorrow and beyond. Even if you’ve been blessed with naturally perfect skin, SPF is the key to reducing sun damage like dark spots, fine lines, and other early skin aging. Most importantly SPF provides the necessary sun protection to help prevent skin cancer.

So, where can you find beauty and protection in a single product? Enter tinted sunscreen.

Simplify your skincare routine using an SPF tinted sunscreen for face care that smoothes over an uneven skin tone, obscures blemishes, and helps protects your skin from damaging UV rays. That’s right—you can get all of that in one bottle.

Honest SPF tinted sunscreens are formulated with mineral SPF rather than chemical SPF. What’s the difference? A chemical sunscreen uses artificial ingredients to absorb the uv rays and sometimes cause irritation or clogged pores in the process. By contrast, a mineral sunscreen is derived from ingredients that naturally reflect harmful UV rays. This is both gentler and more stable than their chemical counterpart.

With Honest’s SPF for face products, you’ll never have to worry about potentially harmful ingredients that defeat the purpose of your tinted sunscreen.