Tips for Covering Dark Circles Under Eyes

Dec 19, 2020
Tips for Covering Dark Circles Under Eyes

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You’ve probably heard that old saying, “The eyes are a window to the soul.” Most people naturally notice the eyes when they first meet someone, and many believe it can tell a lot about a person. 

If that’s the case, what do eyes with dark circles and eye bags tell us? Nothing good, that’s for sure! But don’t worry, we’re here to help, continue reading for our best tips and tricks to cover those dark eye circles and under eye bags.

What are Dark Circles and Eye Bags?

An under eye circle, or dark circle, is an unsightly darkening of the skin under your eyes and the inner corners of your eyes. Eye bags, by contrast, are characterized by swelling around the eyes. These two terms, though often used interchangeably, actually manifest in different ways. 

For instance, dark circles are often accompanied by eye bags, but eye bags don’t always result in dark circles. It’s a conundrum, we know! 

What Causes Dark Circles and Eye Bags?

  • Lack of Sleep—Try getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep to reduce the appearance of dark circles.
  • Aging— Aging, and the subsequent decrease of collagen production means thinning and weakening of the skin.
  • Stress and Tension—Unfortunately, both of these take a toll on the whole body, including your eyes. Try meditating and exercising regularly to decrease your stress levels. 
  • Continued Exposure to Blue Screens (Computer/Laptop)—Yep… staring at computer screens for a prolonged time can cause strain on the eyes, resulting in dark circles. Try giving your eyes a break every hour or so.  
  • Unhealthy Diet and Dehydration—You are what you eat! You should strive to eat a healthy and balanced diet, especially foods that are rich in vitamin C. Dehydration can also cause eye bags when the body tries to hold onto water, so make sure you’re drinking plenty.
  • Smoking and Alcohol— Since alcohol also causes dehydration, this, in turn, creates eye bags. Staying away from booze and cigarettes both will give you brighter eyes and diminish those pesky dark circles. 
  • Excessive Salt Intake—Sadly, sometimes excess sodium can cause bloating, with eye bags as a thank you.
  • Allergies—Sometimes, allergic reactions and the resulting redness, itching and irritation can cause eye bags and dark circles. Talk to your doc about options.
  • Chronic Sinus Problems—Yes, sinus problems can create eye bags and dark circles. Try a neti pot for a non-chemical solution.
  • Hereditary Conditions—Unfortunately, people with naturally thin and fair skin often show dark circles more easily.

How to Treat Dark Circles and Eye Bags

The question circulating the most in your mind right now is probably how to cover dark circles under your eyes? Although it’s not always easy to improve the appearance of dark eye circles or eye bags, that doesn’t mean we can’t try! Below are some tips and remedies to help minimize their appearance:

  • Use a Cold Compress—Keep a spoon or a wet tea bag in the freezer overnight. Anytime you need to relax your eyes, apply the frozen spoon or tea bag to the eye area. The cold will trigger vasoconstriction of the blood vessels under the eyes, making dark circles look lighter. 
  • Apply a Cold Eye Gel—Invest in a soothing eye gel and keep it refrigerated. This effect will resemble one from a cold compress, though it might be marginally less effective. 
  • Use an Eye Mask— Try choosing a patch treatment, a sleeping mask, or a simple eye mask, and get into the habit of using them regularly. Many eye masks are designed to hydrate, soothe, and de-puff the under eye area. You can keep your sleeping masks in the fridge during the day for an extra burst of cold magic.

How to Cover up Dark Circles and Eye Bags

Eye makeup, when applied properly, can cover even the most visible imperfections and give you a much needed boost of confidence. Though we don’t like to think of dark circles or eye bags as imperfections, we understand some do,meaning we would be failing in our duties if we didn’t give you some tips on covering them completely should you so desire! 

  • Step 1: Hydrate/Moisturize—For almost every skin related problem, one extremely effective solution is to hydrate. Under eye skin is the thinnest and most sensitive, which means it needs moisture and hydration to maintain itself. So, the first step is to apply a hydrating eye cream or moisturizer to the under eye area with the pad of your ring finger. An eye cream rejuvenates your skin with the moisture it needs for a natural glow.
  • Step 2: Color Correct—Color correcting is a wonderful tool to have in your arsenal. Use an orange or red color corrector under the eye to cancel out the purple/black hue of the dark circle. Dab it using a soft brush, a damp beauty blender, or the pad of your ring finger. 
  • Step 3: Conceal— Using an eye concealer that is a shade brighter than your skin tone, make a triangle shape under the eye, going down the side of the nose. To conceal eye bags and even your skin tone, apply concealer on the shadow of the eye bag. In other words, under it instead of on top of it. 
  • Step 4: Use a White Pencil—To make the eyes look brighter, line the waterline with a white pencil. You can also dab a highlighter or a bright color eye shadow in the inner corner of your eye to give them a brighter, more wide awake look.

Whatever their cause, dark circles and under eye bags are nothing to be ashamed of. While you can follow these tips to fix them, to minimize their appearance, and even cover them with eye makeup, it’s even more important not to let them affect your self-esteem. You are a gorgeous specimen of humanity with them or without! 

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