3 Ways to Charm Your Fall Skin Routine with Our Magic Balm

3 Ways to Charm Your Fall Skin Routine with Our Magic Balm

If you told us we could only keep one product in our bag at all times, we would probably choose Magic Balm. With so many uses, it has a solve for the issues every season brings about. Here’s how we’re using it all fall and winter:

Dry Lips

This is always our main issue this time of year. The summer sun has exhausted our lips and the fall’s dry air is turning them into sad, uncomfy versions of their lush selves. Regular lip balm works fine, but we like moisturizing with Magic Balm because of its clean ingredients and its multi-purpose amazingness (keep reading).

Rough Cuticles

Nothing kills a two-day-old manicure like the return of your dry cuticles. This season, it feels like no matter how much lotion we’re using on our hands, our cuticles just need something a little extra. A few dabs of Magic Balm on your finger tips throughout the day helps keep the hangnails away.

Dry Spells

The thing about this weather is you start to find dry patches all over the place...like that random flakiness at the corner of your nose. Keep this in your bag, by your bed, in your bathroom… basically within reach at all times. A little pat of it will help keep expected (and unexpected) problem areas in check.

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