Black-Owned Businesses: Food & Beverage

Jul 20, 2020
Black-Owned Businesses: Food & Beverage

As activists, advocates + allies continue this fight against racism, keep in mind smaller, daily actions that will help build a foundation for a better system. Sign every petition you see. Donate where you can (smaller amounts monthly are sometimes more helpful than large, one-time sums). Amplify Black voices. Support Black-owned businesses. Make these actions habitual and life-long.

Part three in the series, this blog will highlight a few of our favorite Black-owned food + beverage brands. Check them out, add your own favorites in the comment section below, and keep supporting Black lives + voices + dreams every way you can.


WHY WE LOVE THEM: Trinity Wofford + Issey Kobori co-founded Golde to bring more good vibes to the wellness industry. Centered around the natural power of superfoods, the Brooklyn-based brand does it in two forms: latte + skincare. Among their offered goodies are “Greens” + “Lucuma” masks, as well as turmeric, cacao turmeric, and matcha latte mix kits. Golde is total body wellness that reaches far beyond skin-deep.

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WHY WE LOVE THEM:From hand-crafted tea leaf blends for any mood or desire to herb-infused, all-natural honeys that will make you quit that little plastic bear for good, finished off with Moe China that celebrates the Black voices of the DMV; Ivy’s Tea Co is a one-stop-shop for everybody’s inner herbalist. Shanae Jones founded Ivy’s Tea Co at the end of 2016, with a mission to introduce more African flavors + techniques into the stateside holistic health industry. Click through to their site to peruse the brilliant pop culture-inspired tea names, and to see what Philanthropy Fridays are all about.

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WHY WE LOVE THEM: BLK & BOLD goes far beyond the average cup of joe. Founders Pernell Cezar + Rod Johnson have transformed a daily ritual into a way to give back; while we sip our morning coffees + teas, 5% of all profits have gone straight to initiatives focused on youth programming, workforce enhancement, and the eradication of youth homelessness. Pernell + Rod aim to equip young people with life-saving tools, all the while delivering a variety of delicious coffees + teas.

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WHY WE LOVE THEM: For Siaba Tumoe, breastfeeding was anything but easy. With help + support from her mother, she was able to find foods that helped produce breastmilk and incorporate them into her diet; a fascination was born. Siaba’s lactogenic ingredients often went straight into the blender-- smoothies were a staple. When she started sharing her recipes, the compliments she received gave way to BOO.B: helping women breastfeed for as long as they’d like by making delicious lactogenic food easy + accessible.

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WHY WE LOVE THEM: Robin + Andréa McBride were raised 7,000 miles apart, one in California and the other in New Zealand. They didn't know the other existed for years, and finally met in 1999. The bond was immediately clear; parallel lives and passions became eerily evident, both having grown up amongst their local vineyards and cultivating a serious love of wine. The McBride sisters expertly blended old-world elegance with new-world finesse to create McBride Sisters Wine Collection, now the largest African-American-owned wine company in the US.

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WHY WE LOVE THEM: A Nigerian immigrant and lover of food, Toyin Kolawole wanted to bring her two worlds together in harmony. She founded Iya Foods in 2016, with a mission to stay true to her origins, provide new ways to eat old favorites, share the wealth + foster socially responsible food connections. Iya Foods is dedicated to reducing poverty by way of less food waste, more job creation and a strengthened food bond between the US and Africa. All food is sourced responsibly, grown efficiently, and local when possible.

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WHY WE LOVE THEM: Jay-Z invested in this cookie company, that may be all you need to know. Denise Woodard founded Partake after discovering her daughter Vivienne had multiple food allergies. Grocery shopping became a nightmare, so she took it upon herself to develop solutions at first just for Vivienne, and now for every child and adult like her. Top 8 allergy free, Partake Foods cookies currently come in 7 different flavors (some crunchy, some soft-baked) and are made without nuts, eggs, dairy, soy, preservatives or artificial anything.

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WHY WE LOVE THEM: Keisha Smith-Jeremie is re-imagining a childhood favorite and finally making an applesauce for adults. Naturally dairy-free and plant-based, Sanaia Applesauce plays with decadent island flavors inspired by Keisha’s Bahamian upbringing. Guava, tamarind, lychee + lavender, and ginger + hibiscus are a few of the flavors meant to complement the green apple base and transport you to your very own paradise.

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WHY WE LOVE THEM: Keba Konte was a renowned artist and food entrepreneur in the Bay Area before he also became the founder of Red Bay Coffee Roasters. Keba has committed to sustainable, high quality production that cultivates diversity, inclusion, socio-economic restoration, entrepreneurship + environmental responsibility. The Red Bay Team is made up of foodies, artists, activists, community folk + innovators who have a serious passion for all of the above. Red Bay is dedicated to include in their community those who are often left out; people of color, people who have been incarcerated, women + people with disabilities.

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Amplify Black voices. Support Black businesses. This is more than a moment.

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