Does Caffeine Help Puffy Eyes?

May 18, 2021
Does Caffeine Help Puffy Eyes?

At some point in life, you might start to believe that puffy eyes and dark circles are just a reality you’ll never escape. The situation isn’t helped much by a global pandemic. Our lives and the normal structure and routines we once enjoyed have been massively disrupted. 

This creates stress, and unfortunately, stress on the inside eventually becomes visible on the outside, with all those late nights and unhealthy binge eats adding up. The result? Tired and puffy eyes. 

Some eye bags can be noticeable enough to really drag down your sense of self-confidence. That’s where our lovely friend caffeine steps in to save the day, and we aren’t just talking about your morning cup of Joe! Now, we won’t blatantly say it’s a miracle substance, but––keep reading, because we’ve got news.

What is Caffeine?

Caffeine is one of the most commonly used ingredients in the world. It is a natural stimulant most often found in tea, coffee, cacao, and similar varieties of plants. Plants actually developed caffeine as a defense mechanism to protect themselves against insects and pests. 

However, over the years, caffeine has come to be viewed as a drug. Caffeine works by stimulating the central nervous system and the brain. For some people, caffeine consumption can make it easier to stay alert and may temporarily alleviate feelings of fatigue. For others, it can be a little too stimulating, so your mileage can vary.

Caffeine is considered one of the most commonly available and readily consumed psychoactive drugs in the world. Some major sources of caffeine include caffeinated drinks such as coffee, sodas, and green tea. Caffeine is even found in chocolate! More than 80% of the total world population consumes some type of caffeinated beverage or product nearly every day. 

However, brain stimulation is not the only effect that’s associated with caffeine consumption. Although some people still argue against the usefulness and safety of using caffeine on your delicate skin, it is proving to have more and more benefits as time marches on. 

This is largely because caffeine is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are some of the best skin nutrients because they help protect your skin against oxidative damage and free radicals. Caffeine also contains amino acids, which may help to boost your skin’s collagen production. 

Topical caffeine application could even help to dissolve sub-dermal fat by converting it into fatty acids, which can be metabolized as needed. Due to its collagen-boosting properties, caffeine may also be beneficial if you’re wondering how to plump lips naturally. However, arguably one of the best benefits of caffeine to date is its usage in skincare to soothe eye puffiness and reduce dark circles.

How Does Caffeine Help Puffy Eyes?

Puffy eyes are caused by a build-up of fluid in the area. Another reason for puffiness is dilated blood vessels that are visible under the delicate eyelid skin. In either of these cases, caffeine may help. 

This is because caffeine is a vasoconstrictor, meaning caffeine has a shrinking effect on blood vessels surrounding the eye area. It penetrates your skin and constricts the blood vessels, reducing the appearance of swelling. 

When blood vessels––which appear blue––are reduced, it results in slower blood flow. The decreased blood flow lightens the appearance of dark circles and reduces eye puffiness. It’s also anti-inflammatory and helps to tighten and brighten your skin after topical application. Although these effects are temporary, using caffeine topically can really make a noticeable difference if you suffer from eye bags and dark circles.

Tips for Using Caffeine for Eyes 

Now that you know the benefits and characteristics of caffeine, it is high time to tell you how to get brighter skin using this plant-derived wonder!

Use Coffee Grounds 

An eco-friendly––and skin-friendly method––when it comes to applying coffee to your skin is to use coffee grounds. But first, make a pot of coffee to enjoy to ensure that your coffee grounds are used. Take a small portion of the coffee grounds (after they have cooled!) and rub them over your face, focusing on the area around your eyes (definitely avoid contact with your eye). Allow it to sit for a while before rinsing your face with cold water and wiping with a clean cloth. 

Make a Mask

Masking is one of the easiest ways to relax and engage in a pampering skincare routine. Remember that it’s essential to use used coffee grounds as they are soft, so you won’t cause any tears on the surface of your sensitive skin. A coffee mask is not only beneficial to your skin as a whole, but it’s also excellent for de-puffing under your eyes. To make a mask, create a mixture of coffee grounds and plain yogurt and apply to your face in a circular motion. Let it dry and then rinse thoroughly with warm water. 

Concentration Matters

There are numerous caffeinated skincare products on the market, including caffeine eye cream, caffeine eye serum, and coffee infused oil. It’s important to note that if buying a caffeine-based product designed for puffy eyes, read the label thoroughly. How much benefit your skincare product will provide in terms of de-puffing will be determined by its concentration. It’s also great to look for brightening skin care products that are combined with another beneficial ingredient, like vitamin C to help dark circles and fine lines. Our DePuff Eye Cream will do just the trick when you are lacking beauty sleep. (And if you’re still wondering, “Is vitamin C good for skin?”, you can read more about its benefits on our blog.) 

Whether you drink your caffeine or apply it on your face, keep in mind 3 rules. 

  1. Look for products that are clean and safe for both body and skin. 
  2. Do a patch test first. 
  3. Use caffeine in moderation. 

Too much of a good thing is still too much, so always use wisdom and err on the side of caution when implementing a new ingredient into your skincare routine.

We aim to provide you with the most honest and credible information possible. This article was reviewed for accuracy by The Honest Team and was written based on trusted sources that are linked at the bottom of the article.

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