7 Awesome Baby Shower Gifts for Dads

Jul 18, 2020
7 Awesome Baby Shower Gifts for Dads

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Having a baby is an exciting time for couples. It's also laced with uncertainty and can be a little terrifying. Moms tend to get all the attention, especially during the baby shower.

However, more couples today are opting for a coed baby shower, which means it's an excellent time to get the new dad a few cool baby shower gifts. If the dad-to-be happens to be living that single dad life, you could even throw him his very own daddy baby shower!

What is a Daddy Baby Shower?

It's not much different than a baby shower for mom, except minus the oohs and ahhs and mushy stuff. Think food, beer, baby gear and you're on the right track.

What Should You Get an Expectant Dad?

There are lots of things a dad-to-be will need once the new baby arrives - and diapers are only the start of it. Gift getting really isn't that different than what you would get for a new mom except dads gifts will probably look more manly depending on what it is. You can also get dad cool gifts that maybe aren't specifically for the baby, but are just for him. Keep reading for some dad gift inspo!

A Dude Diaper Bag

There are a variety of styles to choose from. Many dads like backpack diaper bags because they tend to look sporty and allow them to keep their hands free for other things, like diaper changing. This is an essential item of baby gear for dads! Preppier dads might prefer a gender neutral diaper bag tote or messenger-style diaper bags they can loop over their shoulder. Dad's diaper bag doesn't need to be overly large because most men only want to carry around the essentials for diaper duty anyway.

A Functional Baby Carrier

Dads like to be able to move around freely. A backpack baby carrier or tactical baby carrier is a practical gift that will allow him to do exactly that, while still soothing and bonding with the baby. Baby carriers are great for hiking, quick jaunts to the store, and to get things done around the house—like additional baby proofing or tasks on the honey-do list.

A Dad Book—Or Three

Babies don't come with instructions, unfortunately. However, there are several books out there that can help a new dad gain some valuable parenting insight, or even provide practical how-tos, such as how to burp a baby effectively, or how to change a diaper. You know your dad-to-be best, so get him books you think he will find helpful. If the baby hasn't yet arrived, you could get him books that help him understand what to expect during labor, delivery, and beyond. If he doesn't like to read, there are also pregnancy apps for dads that he can access right on his smartphone!

Funny Dad Gifts

Maybe it's a funny t-shirt, or a coffee mug with a funny caption. You could even get him a “Daddy and Me” matching outfit that he and the newborn baby can wear home from the hospital together, or wear on their first night home. Or try getting him a set of custom scrubs to wear during labor and delivery so he's comfy and can be the support system mom needs him to be.

Daddy-to-Be Survival Kit

You can get one ready-made or make your own, but daddy-to-be survival kits are chock full of things an expectant dad might need while in the hospital waiting for the baby to arrive, and things he may need the first few nights home. Some ideas to include are:

  • Headache meds
  • Snacks for a long night; nuts, beef jerky, trail mix
  • A book to read and tunes to listen to
  • Coffee or his favorite energy drink
  • Vitamins—he'll need them for strength
  • Ear plugs for after the baby arrives
  • Wet wipes to keep his hands clean
  • A fresh t-shirt because it's a given— the baby will pee on him
  • A bottle or two of his favorite beer

Other essential kits you can get for dad are a child proofing kit, with everything necessary to childproof a home, and a tool kit, with the tools needed to put together all the new baby furniture.

A Daddy-Doodie Apron

You can make one of these yourself, have one made, or maybe even find one ready to rock. It's an apron that dad can wear while performing his daddy “doodies,” like diaper changes and feedings. Get one with plenty of pockets and you can add in all the essentials, like spit rags, bibs, a clean onesie, spare diapers, diaper cream, wipes, and Hand Sanitizer.

Subscription or Gift Card for Movies and TV

Feeding and rocking the baby at night is a great time for dad to watch some good movies or get caught up on a few of his favorite shows. A 6 month subscription to services like Netflix or Hulu is a fun way to show some daddy love that's just for him.

There are so many fun and unique baby shower gift ideas for expecting dads that are perfect for making him feel seen and included during the baby shower: checkout our collection of new dad gifts to find more!.

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