7 Simple Ways to Make Bathtime More Fun

7 Simple Ways to Make Bathtime More Fun

Ready for some good, clean fun? Check out some of our favorite ways to keep little ones looking forward to bathtime.

How to Make Bathtime More Fun

  1. Add bubbles. Our Fragrance-Free bubble bath is specially formulated to create super-foaming, fun-filled bubbles for kiddos of all ages. Pour some in and let the fun begin.
  2. Play some tunes. Set the mood with our Suds + Songs Spotify playlist, perfect for splishing, splashing and singing along.
  3. Toys, toys, toys. Keep a set of toys especially for bathtime, and rotate their usage to keep them feeling new. (Honest Tip: Freeze a few smaller toys in cups of water and pop them out for bathtime — half the fun is just waiting for the ice to melt!)
  4. Get artsy. Buy or DIY non-toxic, naturally colored bath paints and let your little Picasso have some finger paint fun.
  5. Start a game of eye spy. The classic game is an easy way to keep your child entertained and engaged while you wash them.
  6. Upcycle a spray bottle. Turn an old Conditioning Detangler bottle into an upcycled water toy. Your kids will get a kick out of making it spray, and it can also be useful when it’s time to rinse off Baby Shampoo and body wash.
  7. Follow up with a baby massage. A moisturizing massage with Fragrance-Free Lotion is a special bonding time that your child can look forward to after their bath.

Do you have any bathtime tips of your own? Share with us below! And you can click here to learn more about our collection of sensitive skin bath and body products. 

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