Meet Lizzy Mathis

Jun 11, 2020

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Meet Lizzy Mathis

Mama of three, Los Angeles, CA

Meet Lizzy, one of our Honest Coolest Parents Ever

HONEST: Why do you use Honest?

LIZZY: I love their clean approach to products I can use for my whole family and for myself.

HONEST: What is your favorite parenting hack?

LIZZY: Instead of making individual snacks for each of my kiddos, I fill muffin tins with veggies, dried fruits and healthy snacks. I set it out and let them enjoy!

HONEST: What is your favorite Honest diaper print ever?

LIZZY: Skulls for sure!

HONEST: What makes you an Honest parent?

LIZZY: I let my kids watch a movie, eat pizza and dessert every Friday - does that make me honest? Ha!

HONEST: What are your favorite Honest products?

LIZZY: Honest Wipes, Honest Diapers, Organic Facial Oil, Lit Blush, and Honest Mascara