DIY: 3 Ways to Tassel

DIY: 3 Ways to Tassel

In case you weren't following Fashion Week, tassels are totally trending for Spring. From frocks to footwear, hats to handbags, fringe is everywhere. Luckily there are still a few weeks left before the vernal equinox, which means you’ve got more than enough time to whip up some of your own DIY tassel trim. Even if you aren’t quite ready to part ways with your winter layers, these pretties are sure to add some pop to any ensemble.

DIY: 3 Ways to Tassel


Colorful thread

Plastic gift card or credit card



  1. Wrap: Choose the color thread you want your tassel to be, then wrap 12 feet of it around a gift card or credit card. Once wrapped, carefully slide it off.
  2. Tie: Take 12 inches of a contrasting color thread and wrap it around the top of your tassel, about a centimeter from the top. Tie a small knot to secure. If needed, use a small dab of non-toxic craft glue as back-up.
  3. Trim: Use scissors to cut the bottom loops and create your tassel. Trim as needed.

DIY: 3 Ways to Tassel

Now that you've mastered the tassel, check out the 3 ways we styled ours below!

Preppy Pendant  

Pull any outfit together by adding a simple statement necklace. Choose a 3rd color string and cut a piece; about 18-26 inches depending on your desired length. Thread through the top of your tassel and tie. Honest Tip: We braided 3 pieces of string together to add thickness.

DIY: 3 Ways to Tassel

Clever Keychain

Tired of misplacing your keys just as you're about to head out the door? Tassel them! Adding some color will help your keys stand out, and make them easier to fetch from the depths of your carryall. If you don’t have a new keychain ring you can recycle an old one.

Zippy-er Zipper

Jazz up a neutral purse or pouch by tieing a tassel to the zipper pull. We also like this idea applied to a basic zipper hoodie, and your little ones will too. The big, bright tassel makes for an easier pull, and will help your kiddos learn how to fine tune their motor skills. Use thread or a simple jump ring to attach your tassels.

DIY: 3 Ways to Tassel 

How would you rock these tassels? Share your ideas in the comments section below!

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