Meet Honest Co-Founder & President Sean Kane

Meet Honest Co-Founder & President Sean Kane


As a father, why do love working at Honest?

Each day when I kiss my son and daughter goodbye, I know my next stop is creating a safer world for them. There isn't a day that goes by that I'm not completely energized knowing the impact we're having. I truly relish working alongside my Honest family that is comprised of amazing and talented people all marching towards the same goal. We're very mission based here - and all doing our best to create a safer, better world for children and families. At the end of each day, I spend a few minutes reading our Facebook posts, e-mails, and customer comments - real comments about the good we're doing - all sincere notes from mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, and anyone you could think of - that make each and every day even more valuable than the last.

What is your favorite Honest product?

My new favorite product is the Honest Prenatal vitamins (yes, I've taken them!). They taste great and make me feel like I'm getting a full dose of food-based organic goodness. (My wife also happens to be an even bigger fan of them.) It is extremely hard to choose, though. My favorite last week was our new Juniper Sage bar soap. My favorite on June 17th will be our new super minty natural toothpaste. And I can't wait to put our new Daredevil Diaper on my son Kaden — his 14-month-old shenanigans will be sure to make those diapers proud (if everything goes right we'll start shipping on the week of June 10th!). Our product team does an outstanding job of releasing new products what feels like every week. They, like the rest of our team, drive this business through their passion, sweat, and attention to detail.

What is you most memorable Honest moment?

This one's tough...I have new ones everyday. Yesterday, it was watching Christopher (another founder) lather up Andrew's (from Honest Support) hair while we took a thank you picture to send to our good friends at Costco. It was hilarious! Of course, I'll always remember loading our first full truck of shipments alongside our dedicated fulfillment team. It was late in the night in our first week, and I hadn't slept in nearly four days (I hadn't changed my clothes in almost the same amount of time). It was an amazing start to what has been an unbelievable journey. Big thanks to everyone at Honest and everyone who believes in us for taking this journey with me.

What is your favorite parenting memory?

Impossible to choose! My daughter's first day at soccer, my son's first (homemade) popsicle, both of them under age 4 better able to navigate an iPad than I am.... Most recently, it was when my daughter said, "Come on Dude" — where did she get that? We also had a massive Easter Egg hunt — there's nothing like seeing 50 kids canvas my backyard in search of hidden treasure sheathed in colorful not-so-natural eggs. And, of course, I'll never forget parasailing with Kyla — the daredevil diapers would have been perfect for her too.

If you weren't at work, what would you be doing?

Seriously?! Of course, I'd be thinking about work (or sending a midnight e-mail - sorry everyone)! Big thanks to my sweetheart and biggest fan, my wife Tabitha, for her unwavering love and support of both Honest and me. How did I get so lucky?

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