5 Fresh Superfoods to Eat this Summer

5 Fresh Superfoods to Eat this Summer

A new season means new seasonal fruits and veggies to get your fill of! Summer is all about eating the rainbow, so keep things fresh and flavorful with these five favorites.

  1. Kale. A member of the cabbage family, kale is also related to other cruciferous vegetables like brussels sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower. Think outside the box by trying it tossed into a soba noodle salad or as the base for a pesto sauce.
  2. Watermelon. Known for its vitamin C, vitamin A, and lycopene content, watermelon is especially refreshing (and hydrating!) on hot days. Enjoy it sliced, or blend it into this summery mocktail.
  3. Cherries. Super sweet and only in season for a short time, this member of the rose family packs a nutritional punch. They add just the right amount of fruity flavor to these cherry garcia bars.   
  4. Corn. Summer is not summer without corn! Serve it up straight off the cob or use it to bulk up this colorful salad.
  5. Tomato. Botanically a fruit, but typically served as a vegetable, this summer favorite is simply delicious added to burgers, sandwiches and skewers, or used in this classic tomato soup.

What seasonal superfoods are you enjoying most this summer? Share your favorites with us in the comments below!

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