Pause & Pose: Reverse Prayer Pose

Pause & Pose: Reverse Prayer Pose

Not to be overlooked, the reverse prayer pose is a relatively simple stretch that helps to relieve tightness in the neck and shoulders. Today, Honest yogi Jessica James is demonstrating how to correctly practice this pose. Enjoy!

Reverse Prayer Pose

Pashchima Namaskarasana

Level 2

Benefits: Working at a computer all day, driving, carrying children, and stress can all lead to tight neck and shoulders. Reverse prayer is a lovely way to release tension and stretch these areas. When done with attention to detail, this pose opens and stretches your shoulders neck and wrist while strengthening your core. Though this pose is often overlooked and used as an add on to other yoga poses, when worked in isolation it's rewards are sweet and worth the effort.

Honest Tip: Don't let your front ribs pop open, your low back sway, or your shoulder blades wing off of your back just to get your hands in position! That won't stretch your shoulders and may actually end up hurting your back. Instead, start with your hands behind you, fingers facing down. Then, press the tips of your shoulder blades toward your heart while you knit your front ribs together and pull your navel toward your core. Once you have your shoulder blades flat on your back begin to rotate your hands so that your fingers are pointing up your back, all the while making sure that you keep your alignment. Go slow, be specific, and breath into the stretch. If your shoulders are just too tight, grab opposite elbows until you have opened them enough to try again.

Now go pause, pose, and find peace. Don't forget to BREATHE. 

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