Pause & Pose: Standing Full Straddle Forward Fold

Pause & Pose: Standing Full Straddle Forward Fold

Hope you've had a happy holiday with your loved ones! While you continue to unwind (and maybe let that tree stick around just a little longer), this week's Pause & Pose with our yogi, Jessie James, is a picture-perfect lead into the New Year. Looking ahead keeps us moving forward with a positive perspective, but if you must look back, why not do it in the most healthful way possible?

Standing Full Straddle Forward Fold

Prasarita Pattotanasana

Level 2


This pose strengthens and lengthens your spine while opening and stretching your hips and hamstrings.

Honest Tip:

This pose is all about getting length in your spine, resist the urge to round down. Instead reach the crown of your head toward the ground while you engage your low belly and send your shoulder blades down your back.

So, even if you're looking back, remember to keep moving ahead to pause, pose, and find peace!

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