Friday Finds: Yellow 108 Sustainable Hats

Friday Finds: Yellow 108 Sustainable Hats

Salvaged = saved. At least that’s what it means to the company behind today’s Friday Find. Yellow 108, a Los Angeles based headwear company, has mastered the art of taking recycled materials and breathing new life into them. The company takes fabric remains from eco-conscious textile factories — that would otherwise be waste — and turns them into stylish, sustainable hats.

Friday Find: Yellow 108

Their business model not only ensures consistently new, unique, “limited edition” products to sell; but it also helps factories minimize waste and increase recycling. In stride with these sustainable efforts, admirably Yellow 108 donates 2% of all sales to local non-profits that specialize in socially responsible initiatives.

Friday Finds: Yellow 108

They also just seem like really happy people. The name Yellow 108 is inspired by the color yellow (Pantone 108, to be exact) which is associated with sunshine, joy, intellect, and energy. As someone who appreciates color and all of those positive qualities, I think think they've landed on a great name for their brand (and a good outlook for life).

To purchase your own sustainable hats, head over to their website. You can also follow their beautifully curated Instagram feed for even more inspiration.

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