Product and Sizing Questions

Our size guide is a great start to knowing where your baby would fit! Due to the unique body shape of each baby, their size may differ from the sizing chart. Things to keep in mind when choosing the right diaper size for your little one...

  • How much does your little one weigh currently?
  • What size is your little one in currently (any brand)?
  • Are you experiencing any leaking between the legs or blow-outs up the back?


Size Weight Qty/Pack Qty/Bundle
N Up to 10 32 224
1 8-14 lbs 35 245
2 12-18 lbs 32 224
3 16-28 lbs 27 189
4 22-37 lbs 23 161
5 27+ lbs 20 140
6 35+ lbs 18 126


Size Weight Qty/Pack Qty/Bundle
3 16-28 lbs 26 182
4 22-37 lbs 24 168
5 27+ lbs 20 140
6 35+ lbs 17 119

Training Pants

Size Weight Qty/Pack Qty/Bundle
2T/3T Up to 34 26 182
3T/4T 32-40 24 168
4T/5T 38+ lbs 20 140

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We are always working hard on new products that we hope you’ll love and share, and as we are getting ready to introduce new launches, we may phase out of some of our existing products. We hope you’ll stay tuned to discover new Honest favorites in the coming months.

We do not test our products on animals. We rely on a combination of scientific literature, non-animal testing, raw material safety testing and / or human testing to ensure our product safety as an alternative to animal testing. We hope you find this information useful and continue to use Honest products with complete confidence!

Some of our products are organic, and this will be noted in the product name. You will also find the USDA Organic logo in the Awards & Certification section on each organic product page on our website. In addition, products with organic ingredients will have the word "organic" in the ingredient list. We hope this information is helpful, and we’re always here if you have any additional questions regarding a specific product.