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Honest Sustainability Journey

We’re in this together

Since day one, we’ve made it a mission to stay true to our values, because we know that matters to you too. We’re conscious of the choices we make towards sustainability, whether or not you can see it. Join us and let’s create an Honest world together.

Honest Magic Beauty Balm


Work with (and for) the Earth. Choosing between what works, what’s good for you and for the planet isn’t a thing for us. We’re focused on ingredient and material innovations that prioritize plant-based formulas and sustainable consumption for a lighter environmental footprint.


Bio-based products are an alternative to conventional products which use mostly petro-derived ingredients. These products can be better for you, your family and the environment. Our baby personal care products are certified USDA BioPreferred, made with sources that are plant derived or renewable.


Delicate skin and big messes deserve products like our 100% plant-based wipes cloths and diapers made with sustainably harvested fluff pulp. Sustainable sourcing is our passion. From growing practices to our use of renewable raw materials, we prioritize natural resources which can be regenerated at about the same rate at which they’re consumed. This includes plant species that are used to create raw materials used in cosmetic products.


Prioritizing clean, plant-based sources over petrochemicals is all about you. The potential impurities of petroleum-derived ingredients don’t meet our Honest Standard for human health. When you trust your products, you can live your best life. We’re bringing experts on our sustainability journey to take care of everything that matters in, on and around you.

Food byproducts don’t have to be a waste. As much as 10%-60% (2) of land and water resources may end up as waste or considered unusable in the production of food crops by agricultural industries. Finding novel uses for these byproducts (seeds, skin, leaves, and pulp), and creating valuable raw materials for use in skincare can help displace the pollution created in the production of virgin materials.

Honest Beauty Products


Create for Today, Think of Tomorrow. Just because packaging looks good doesn’t mean it has to stick around forever. Working to improve recyclability and minimize single-use packaging when possible helps minimize waste that ends up in landfills. Other people’s trash = our treasure!


Many of our boxes and packaging materials, including all our bundle shippers, are made with 100% PCR (post-consumer recycled) materials. Extending their lifespan instead of extracting oil to produce new resin or harvesting trees to make new paper or corrugate minimizes waste and helps protect precious resources.

Working on more refillable packaging options and waterless products helps reduce single use packaging and our carbon footprint because we’re not shipping water. Win-win!


Our Honest Beauty cartons will utilize Tree-Free Paper by the end of next year. That means our packaging will be: +100% Tree Free (made instead from a by-product of sugarcane) + 100% Compostable or Recyclable (depending on what’s available in your municipality) + BPA Free + Chlorine and Dye Free + USDA BioPreferred

Honest Employees


We’re in This Together. Giving back and thinking bigger has always been part of our mission: Call it social sustainability. We know that underserved, underprivileged populations lack health and wellness resources, face urgent maternal mortality issues and struggle with disproportionate effects of climate change. Doing what we can for these communities helps us all thrive. Here's how we're prioritizing awareness and action to support and empower folks facing a lack of resources, social injustice, natural disasters and more.


Being happy and healthy shouldn’t be a privilege. Honest partners with organizations like Baby2Baby and March of Dimes to help ensure that marginalized and underserved communities receive access to safe products and health resources. To date, we’ve donated more than 22 million family personal care, feminine care, clean beauty products and other essentials, as well as 3 million diapers and 50,000 personal care products and wipes for those affected by COVID-19 and over 345,000 products for natural disaster survivors and children separated at the border.

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We provide volunteer time off to all full-time employees, 20 hours per year to volunteer with the non-profit organization of their choice and match donations. Honest employees have already volunteered over 18,000 hours giving back to the community. At our LEED-certified HQ, we provide benefits for public transportation and bike commuting and focus on reducing single-use plastics.

We also consider our impact on communities throughout our supply chain. We do our best to hold our vendors accountable for ensuring conflict free sourcing, and, when possible, for being thoughtful about the environment in the technologies and packaging that we develop.