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Welcome Home, Babe

Congrats on your little one! Let us help you ease into your new normal with these newborn necessities.

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The First 4 Weeks

The first month with a newborn is an unforgettable time filled with milestones big and small. Honest is proud to be there to help give your family the best possible start. Four families shared their journeys and allowed us to experience their First Four Weeks with them. Stocked with their Honest Starter Kits, they gave us a real glimpse into the newborn days (and nights) every step of the way.

New Born, New Norm

There's nothing quite as exciting as having your first child. It's a time filled with emotions, ranging from extreme bliss and excitement to abject terror and fears for the future. You probably wonder if you're even ready to be a parent. Little tip? Most aren't! It's hard to be truly ready for such a life-changing event, but we at Honest strive to help make the transition to parenthood just a teensy bit easier.

We have created a line of newborn essentials and newborn accessories that are perfect for you and your little bundle of joy. Whether it's disposable diapers or a cloth diaper with cute bunnies, giraffes, or skulls and crossbones (we see you, edgy moms and dads), sweetly scented rose blossom wipes or any other helpful newborn product like baby shampoo and body wash, we've got a little something for all the babies! Newborn essentials for your baby include a diaper bag, burp cloth, baby carrier, and moisturizing baby product essentials. We carry baby necessities such as baby wipes, diapers, and moisturizing lotion for delicate skin.

We've even got a special eczema collection for babies with extra sensitive skin. Our Honest newborn essentials cover all the baby bases safely, effectively, and in style! What more could a first-time parent ask for?