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Keep It Clean

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Home Care that's Honestly Clean, Honestly Good

We at Honest pride ourselves on bringing you household products that are safe and effective, at reasonable prices. That includes products you use to clean your home! We offer a range of natural cleaning products that get the job done, no fuss, no muss, and no toxicity. Staple products include our hypoallergenic baby laundry detergent. This detergent is gentle on your baby's skin without sacrificing the cleanliness of your baby's clothes. Another stellar natural cleaning product is our grapefruit or lavender-scented surface cleaner, perfect for wiping down countertops and leaving a delicious scent in your wake. You can use the household cleaner in the kitchen and the bathrooms.

We also offer dish soap and hand sanitizer with the same delicious scents, and none of the yucky harsh chemicals you might find in other cleaning supplies and brands. You can buy our natural household cleaning products individually, in packs of two or more, or try multiple cleaning products in one of our Safely Sanitized cleaning kits. We take the sanitization of your home and the health of your family seriously, with cleaning supplies without harsh chemicals that work. Clean, safe, and Honest in every way.