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Label transparency

We believe you have a right to know what goes into your products. To this end, we list our ingredients clearly and consistently according to established standards, not using the word “fragrance” — a term often used in the US as a label under which ingredients are hidden.

While many conventional brands have made great strides in terms of transparency, very few are doing so directly on the label. We’re proud to be leading this charge.

label transparency

Not only do you have a right to know, but we believe disclosure will ultimately spur innovation, expand cleaner, greener chemistry and forge a path for even better consumer protection.

Label transparency is a cornerstone of our philosophy for empowering you to make choices for your family. That said, every market regulates labeling differently, and we must comply with the mandates of each. But when able, we adhere to the below guiding principles around label transparency:

We label what’s inside.

Clearly stated

Clearly, consistently: We list our ingredients, using internationally accepted nomenclature, even when it’s not required by law (for example, the US does not require that diapers or cleaning products label their ingredients, but we do, because we believe you have the right to know.).

Including allergens

Including allergens: We also label allergens in personal care, cosmetics and household cleaning products according to the European Union standard, which requires companies to label 26 allergens when at 0.01% in rinse-off products and 0.001% in leave-on products, regardless of whether they were intentionally added or are there as a component or by-product. And we think that’s a good policy, whether you live in the EU or not.

beautiful scents

And never disguising our ingredients with the word “fragrance”: We believe in adding beautiful scents to many of our products, but we’ll always tell you what’s inside. The word “fragrance” is often used as a label under which ingredients are hidden, and you deserve to know what goes into your products.

We tell you what the product is Made Without™.

made without

We know it’s not just about what’s in the product, but also what’s not. So we provide a relevant, specific set of ingredients that we choose to leave out, directly on the product label. It’s just another way for us to be Honest — because we know what matters to you and your family may vary from product to product. And the more information you have to make choices that are right for yours, the better.

Of course, manufacturing products is complicated, and we cannot always eliminate background contamination or cross-contamination. But know that we work hard with our manufacturers to control this.

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