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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Certified organic oils + extracts + beeswax = the BEST organic healing balm ever! Super versatile and ultra gentle, our nourishing salve helps soothe and support dry, chafed or sensitive skin.


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  • Organic sunflower, olive, and coconut oils work with enriching shea butter to nourish, moisturize, and help soothe sensitive and dry skin
  • Tamanu oil helps restore and balance skin moisture
  • Chamomile and calendula gently calm and soothe
  • No harsh chemicals (ever!) — only powerful, naturally derived, certified organic ingredients in this must-have salve
  • Ultra gentle and sensitive enough for infants and everyday use for the entire family
  • Non-toxic for you and your family
  • Hypoallergenic • Certified Organic • Plant and Botanical-Based • Vegetarian • pH Balanced

Honestly Free

made without: petroleum, mineral oil, lanolin, parabens, fragrances, dyes, or most common allergens

size & quantity chart

size & quantity chart

details & ingredients

details & ingredients

Net Wt. 3.0 oz. (85 g)


Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil*, Cera Alba (Beeswax)*, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil*, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil*, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter)*, Calophyllum Tacamahaca (Tamanu) Oil*, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract*, Anthemis Nobilis (Chamomile) Oil*, Tocopherol (Non-GMO)

*Certified Organic Ingredient


Apply liberally to affected skin. Use as often as necessary. Enjoy the multi-functional benefits!


For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. If any adverse reaction develops, stop use and contact your physician.

Made without genetically engineered ingredients.
Made in the USA with US and imported materials.

Not tested on animals.

We guarantee your complete satisfaction!


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honest testimonials

honest testimonials
My son (now 2 years 4 months) just got his second diaper rash of his entire life so the first thing I did was order a new tube of Honest [Healing] Balm. Wouldn't you know, just ... [more]
Michael T.
My daughter got this rash on the inside of her thigh 2 days ago. I've been putting the Honest Healing Balm on it and its so much better! ... Before it was cracked and oozing cle... [more]
Robin C.
I have to say thank you for such a great Healing Balm. I was stung by a wasp today and immediately got an ugly, puffy welt. In the past I've had a mark that would last for days,... [more]
Paula M, PA
I LOVE your products! The Healing Balm cured my baby's sore bum in one use, ONE USE! I'm a forever client now, thank you for making such amazing and pure products!
Anna W
The Healing Balm is absolutely amazing! My 6 month old use to get bad rashes under his neck, due to drooling, and periodically eczema on ankles/arms; but since I've been using t... [more]
Christina S.
Truly a miracle! My sweet 13 month old had terrible hand (peeling skin that was raw) eczema and your Healing Balm healed it in 4 days! Now our baby girl can suck her thumb witho... [more]
Lucia F., oklahoma
I wanted to share the positive experience I recently had using your Healing Balm. We tried four different lotions/balms on our 3 month old daughter's stomach, each one either le... [more]
Kimberly A., illinois
I have been using the Honest Healing Balm on my severe sunburn and it's helped so much! I love Honest!
Bobbie L., california
I absolutely love your Healing Balm! My baby has severe eczema that we battle with prescription strength [conventional brand], [conventional brand], and [conventional brand] cre... [more]
Katherine S. , massachusetts
I'm anxiously waiting for my 3rd order! I just edited it so that I can try something new each month. The Healing Balm is working wonders with my 7yr old daughter who suffers sev... [more]
Solangel R.
I just want to say your products are amazing. My little Noah has very sensitive skin. He had eczema on his back and arms and constantly got diaper rashes. The Healing Balm is th... [more]
Zareena C., georgia
I absolutely ADORE your Healing Balm. I keep some in my purse, car and desk! Since I have been stationed in North Dakota, the winter is rough and the Healing Balm has been my sa... [more]
Shaunte W.
Just wanted to say thank you again for Healing Balm. My daughter burned her hand today, I put some on it, and it stopped hurting almost immediately. So so glad to have it.
Danielle W., missouri
I have been a member for almost a year and am so impressed and pleased with all your products. Today I opened a new bottle of the Healing Balm and was so happy to see it was the... [more]
Lindsay P. , iowa
My son came down with a cold and got really chapped under his nose. He said it hurt so I used your Healing Balm on him and less than 2 days later it was all cleared up. Thanks T... [more]
Susan F., michigan
My little baby boy is teething and drooling non-stop. Because of the drool and the cold weather, his poor little cheeks have been so chapped. I have tried so many different loti... [more]
Elizabeth M. , maryland
Cradle cap CURE! Honest Healing Balm, in the bath tub with a baby brush. Scrub a few times and VOILA, No more cradle cap. Your welcome!
Danielle M., idaho
Thank you! Your Healing Balm is the only thing that cleared up the eczema on my kiddos legs - haven't had to use it in months! I'm gifting it to some family members who have sim... [more]
Christy J., alabama
My son Chance (firstborn and only) had severe diaper rash when he was around 3 months old and it was heartbreaking and upsetting to say the least. Nothing OTC worked - we tried ... [more]
Michael T. , california
After 3 years and every product under the sun, we have FINALLY found your Healing Balm!! My son no longer screams and cries daily because his winter eczema is raw and bleeding. ... [more]
Lori M., new jersey
I got a new tattoo today and one fixed. When I got home I couldn't find my cream for it so I put the Healing Balm on it (a little bit goes along way!). It seems to work perfect.... [more]
Rachel H.
I am a pedicure addict. My toes are almost always perfectly painted. When I decided to give them a break for the winter months, I was shocked at what I found. Dry, cracked, DISG... [more]
Heather S., connecticut
Just wanted to mention that the Healing Balm works great for burns. I was cooking the other day and some grease popped on my hand and burned it terribly. I put some Healing Balm... [more]
Whitney C., arkansas
I have been a customer now for over 6 months and am very happy with everything I have received. I am also letting people know that the Healing Balm isn't just good for babies' b... [more]
Amy M., ontario
Just wanted to let you guys know- my daughter has struggled with sensitive skin since the day she was born. She came home from the hospital with a diaper rash that would bleed e... [more]
Andrea G.
A big shout out to your Healing Balm. My dad (72) just had knee replacement surgery. The healing skin was very itchy so I gave him a tube of your Healing Balm. He used it daily ... [more]
Hollie H., california
Love, love, love the Healing Balm!! Use it for elbows, feet, knees, hands...anywhere I want a little extra love! Also great for my 69 year old mother who is on chemo and reacts ... [more]
Pam G. , illinois
For 2 weeks my 4 year old has had chigger bites, all over his upper thighs and genital area (thanks to the pool in the back yard), and I had been using steroid cream and [conven... [more]
Erica D., texas
I can honestly say that I LOVE your Healing Balm. Our youngest is teething again and became rashy. It's the only thing that did not make her scream when applied and actually hel... [more]
Liz S.
Honest Healing Balm is amazing! It's the only thing that has worked on my daughter's chapped cheeks! Thank you!
Valerie F., virginia
Our [bundle] came yesterday... My 22.5-month-old is already bringing me the tube of Healing Balm and holding out his arms & legs and pulling up his shirt so I can put it on his ... [more]
Ashley B., texas
I absolutely love the Healing Balm for my son's eczema. It is already fading and his skin is getting better! Thank you for a great product that doesn't have petroleum!
Katia D., north carolina
Love the Healing Balm - the only thing to help tame my little boy's eczema. He went from alligator knees to soft baby skin in just a few days.
Hilary S., pennsylvania
My 2-year-old daughter loves your Healing Balm - she asks for it at every diaper change!! The whole family is a fan - my hubby even likes it!
Kellie S., kansas
Thank you so much!! We used the Healing Balm on my father-in-law who is in hospice care and was suffering from severe bottom rash. We used this once and could see improvement (a... [more]
Missy W., pennsylvania
I just started using the Healing Balm for my son's diaper rash and I must say, nothing I have ever tried in his 16 months of life has worked nearly as well as your products! I l... [more]
Heather C.
I just wanted to say thank you for your Healing Balm. My six month-old little girl has had terrible diaper rash... bleeding even. I'd been using another "natural" diaper rash cr... [more]
Joanna G.
I cannot say enough good things about the Healing Balm!! One of my 7-month-old girls has eczema and her doctor prescribed a steroid cream AND allergy medication, but I had just ... [more]
Rachel G., washington
LOVE LOVE LOVE the Healing Balm. My son's medication is administered through a patch. We were concerned because we had heard horror stories of how the patch just tears up the sk... [more]
Heather A., north carolina
I made a mistake and ordered Diapers a little too big for my baby. I thought she'd be in them by the time my monthly bundle came in. Well while waited for a pack that fit, I had... [more]
Jodie M.
I have to tell you, my son is currently in the hospital for his Cystic Fibrosis and is on IV antibiotics. They always give him a horrible diaper rash. The doctors gave us cream ... [more]
Tiffany N.
I bought the Healing Balm a while back to have on hand and because I like to try all the different products you have. I was using a couple of other over the counter products (pa... [more]
Lori S.
The Healing Balm has done magic on a diaper rash [our little one] had for three days. We're making way for Honest Diapers in our home.
Cynde C.
I had forgotten that the Healing Balm could be used on diaper rash and used it the other day. It is miracle balm! Thanks for an amazing product that I feel comfortable using on ... [more]
Judy L.
Absolutely love the Healing Balm. I live in a very dry, awful, desert climate and my daughter was allergic to something in the air. Her doctor recommended the Healing Balm, and ... [more]
Danielle W., new mexico
Your diaper rash Healing Balm saved my son's bum! I couldn't be happier that my son's bum is now okay. Thank you guys so much!
Linda M., california
From the time I got the sample of the Healing Balm it cleared up my 2 year-old daughter's eczema! It took 3 days and it was almost completely healed. No more big, ugly, itchy, s... [more]
Cola L.
I recently used [an alternative brand of] baby lotion on my 7 month old and he broke out in a rash. I used some of The Healing Balm on it and it cleared right up! Thank you!
Taryn T.
Your Healing Balm is improving my daughters redness on her bottom. We started solids with her and the change in food is creating irritation on her poor bum. I was devastated whe... [more]
Renée L.
I love the Healing Balm! My hand was red, raw, and cracked. I put the Healing Balm on it last night and an hour later it was almost gone. Already this stuff is amazing.
Calee A., michigan
I received my first couple of orders and am beyond thrilled! I live in a very dry area with horrible water, and usually have to use lotion at least three to four times a day. I ... [more]
Gina M.
My 4 day-old daughter had a horrible rash all over her body. One application of Healing Balm and 2 hours later her skin was all cleared up!! Thank you for your amazing and safe ... [more]
Heather Y., wisconsin
I love your diaper rash Healing Balm! My daughter developed the worst rash I've ever seen, she was screaming in pain every time she was touched. We tried coconut oil first and w... [more]
Samantha B.
Your Healing Balm is amazing! My son has very sensitive skin and he developed a diaper rash all the way around. [After] two days of the Healing Balm and switching to your Diaper... [more]
Sarah M.
My sister and I absolutely loved your Healing Balm too by the way. I used to always apply [conventional brand] to any reddened / itchy areas and my sister has eczema. Since we r... [more]
Abigail A., british columbia
Your Healing Balm is a great alternative to steroid creams for my son's bad bouts of eczema.
Heathyr M., california
My 9-month-old has had really bad dry patches on her back for a while now and no other lotion has seemed to work. Switched to the Honest Shampoo + Body Wash and Healing Balm, an... [more]
Shelly W., georgia
I often times burn my hand while cooking, [and] I burned myself pretty well last night. I put the Healing Balm on it, and within 1 minute the area stopped burning!! Now today yo... [more]
Justine D.
I love this Healing Balm. I've been using it on my daughter since we left the hospital, and we've never had a problem with diaper rash.
Ygrain A.

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