5 Tips for Preventing Infant Spit-Up

5 Tips for Preventing Infant Spit-Up

It’s a Murphy’s Law of parenting: Put on nice clothes, prepare to be spit-up on. Seriously, though, while you might feel like your outfits predict the projectile, spitting up is normal for babies after feeding, burping, coughing, or crying. I know what you’re thinking—that’s pretty much every waking moment. And, it’s true, it can happen almost any time. But that’s what happens when you’re a baby and you have an under-developed valve between your esophagus and stomach.

What can parents do? Here are 5 extremely easy ways to prevent spitting up.

1. Burp your baby frequently. After each turn on a breast or every 5 minutes with a bottle.

2. Feed your baby smaller servings, but with more frequency.

3. Ensure your baby is using the right size nipple. You don’t want her getting too much liquid too fast - or having to suck too hard to get anything.

4. Use the right size diaper, too. Anything too snug can put pressure on the abdomen.

5. Keep your baby upright. Help your little one digest better by keeping him upright for about 45 minutes after eating. Unless he fell asleep. In which case, you are free to put on your fanciest clothes to enjoy a moment that’s spit-up free (just be prepared for a quick change)!

What’s worked for your baby?

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