The Best of Both Worlds: Introducing our Sensitive Organic Infant Formula

The Best of Both Worlds: Introducing our Sensitive Organic Infant Formula

At Honest, we believe breast is best and support the AAP recommendation that babies be exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months of life. That said, we understand and empathize with situations where supplementation or breast milk alternatives must be explored. For this reason, we've chosen to develop a line of feeding solutions for all types of situations. We’re here not to judge, but rather to support, with a range of information and safe, premium products that empower every family to make the best choices given their unique circumstances.

Since our Organic Premium formula launch, we’ve seen our community delight in having an organic infant formula from a brand they trust. However, we also know that our Organic Premium Infant Formula may not suit all babies’ needs. In alignment with our mission to provide feeding solutions for all families, we’re excited to introduce the newest addition to our feeding family: Sensitive Organic Infant Formula.

In crafting our sensitive formula, we once again took a best-for-baby approach, leveraging the latest nutritional science and our rigorous Honest standards to create a formula that offers the best of both worlds for sensitive tummies. Specifically formulated to help provide relief from occasional fussiness and gas, our Sensitive Organic Infant Formula maintains a thoughtful contribution of lactose, essential for growth and development, and provides the prebiotic FOS (fructooligosaccharides), a plant-based fiber to help support digestion and immune function. In order to help ease digestion, our sensitive formula contains 65% reduced lactose when compared to our premium formula. However, it’s worth noting that most sensitive formulas on the market contain 95% reduced lactose versus their premium formula counterpart. Therefore, only 5% of lactose, the main source of carbohydrate within breast milk, is left in most sensitive formulas.

We believe in the science of breast milk and the related importance of lactose. Exposure to lactose is essential for babies’ long term growth and development, playing a crucial role in brain tissue creation. Maintaining lactose in an infant’s diet is also important in aiding with the maturation of their gut and continued production of lactase (the digestive enzyme needed to break down and absorb lactose). Additionally, despite common misconceptions, lactose intolerance is actually quite rare in infants. With this in mind, we thoughtfully crafted our sensitive formula to achieve a 65% reduction in lactose and maintain nonfat organic milk powder as the first ingredient. The result is balanced, complete infant nutrition designed to be easy to digest – and we’re proud to add it to our suite of feeding solutions. If you’d like to learn even more about our Sensitive Organic Infant Formula, click here.  


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