Cute Baby Milestone Photo Ideas

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Cute Baby Milestone Photo Ideas

Cute Baby Milestone Photo Ideas

You’ve seen them all over your insta feed and honestly we can’t get enough of them. We think baby milestone photos are such a cute way to track your baby’s growth and share their little face and developing personality with your loved ones.

Plus, these photos end up being great memories to look back on and even share with your little one when they aren’t so little anymore.

How to Take a Good Baby Milestone Photo

It’s pretty simple. All you need is a consistent background, good lighting, a cute diaper or outfit and a point of reference like a toy or a milestone blanket to show how big they are getting. If your little one is transitioning out of diapers, an adorable idea is to showcase their brand new training underwear.

As your baby gets older they’ll start to wiggle and even straight up refuse to sit still. So embrace the funny moments and snap away, even if all you get is a butt shot for their 10-month photo.

We love when parents caption their photos with monthly updates on baby's favorite toys and food, new milestones like steps and smiles and even current struggles – because who doesn't have them?

P.S. Our baby milestone stickers just launched on Instagram Stories! Just search "milestone" in Giphy stickers and add them to your photos to make your posts honestly adorable.


The Flower Child

Show baby's age in the cutest way ever, by spelling it out in flowers. We love this set up because it creates such a pretty background for your photos.

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The Growing Babe

Show how fast your little one is growing by keeping the same adorable toy in the photo with them. As they get bigger, the once oversized toy will suddenly seem tiny. Seriously, where does the time go?

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The Milestone Blanket

Milestone blankets are one of the easiest set ups because they give you an instantly cute background every time. Extra points for personalizing it with your babe's name.

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The Light Box

Clean and classic, this set up will never go out of style. Plus, you can be a bit more flexible with where you take the picture.

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The Current Obsession

Create a fun memory about baby's current faves by incorporating the toys and foods they are obsessed with into the photo.

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