How to Keep Hair Tangle Free

Jan 26, 2021
How to Keep Hair Tangle Free

Between work-from-home Zoom calls and quarantined family dinners, you might have dropped a few self care routines. After all, it’s easy to forget hair care when there’s no office or party to style your hair for. That is, until you run a comb through your locks and realize just how many knots those daily park walks have formed.

Ridding hair knots takes dedication and care. Whether you’re being proactive or already facing snarls, here are some tips for how to untangle matted hair and keep it tangle-free.

Exercise in Style

It’s easy to cinch a high ponytail and call it a day before hitting the track. But tight, pulling hairstyles often lead to breakage and knots. Instead, apply these gentler tips to your exercise time:

  • Go Low – When in doubt, low bun it out. Opting for less tight styles—think braids, low buns, low ponytails—will save you many broken hairs. Switching it up will also keep hair from developing breakage patterns or balding spots. 
  • Pick Soft Bands or Ties – If you’re using rubber bands as hair ties, stop right there. A gentle, snag-free hair tie is what you want. Ditch any bands with metal parts and go for soft and stretchy materials, like cotton scrunchies. 
  • Try Wraps – Sometimes scalp sweat and tangled tresses can discourage women from exercising, especially those with textured or curly hair. Try a wrap or silk scarf to absorb sweat while protecting your hairstyle.
  • Always Brush — Resist the temptation to leave that bun in all day. After showering off, make sure to brush out any knots or snarls from your workout.

Always Keep Your Guards Up

True chaos is going outside on a windy day with your hair down. Between the elements and bed pillows, your hair faces many abrasive forces. To keep the tangled hair at bay, adopt caring habits and tools that will protect your hair. 

Here are a few methods to guard your tresses in style:

Sleep Safe

Night time showers may be soothing. But sleeping on wet hair can spell out a recipe for morning tangles. To keep hair free of overnight knots, consider buying silk pillowcases. The smooth material prevents damage and frizz, while also benefiting your skin’s moisture levels. 

And for those who want to maintain textured styles through the night, a hair wrap or bonnet is a must. Again, silk is preferable for the least amount of roughage. 

Brush Up on Your Brushing

It’s true that over-brushing isn’t good for hair health. But under-brushing is possibly worse. To keep hair healthy and tangle-free, brush it out twice per day. Avoid aggressive techniques, and always brush before hitting the shower (you’ll prevent countless knots that way).

And remember—not all brushes are created equal. Certain shapes and bristle materials will better face matted hair. Here are some varieties to consider:

  • Cushioned Paddle Brushes – Good for most hair types
  • Metal Bristles – Best for intense detangling
  • Boar Bristles – Soft detangling for finer dry hair
  • Wide-Tooth Combs – Gently helps detangle wet hair

Ward Off the Weather

A holiday light stroll can be the perfect winter afternoon activity. But falling snow and cold winds? That’ll put tangles straight into your tresses. To battle the elements, pick a physical barrier to wear. Coat hoods, hats, and even headbands can protect your hair from windy days. 

Want some extra detangling insurance? Defy the arid winter air and keep hair moisturized. Dry hair has a much higher tendency to snarl. 

Get the Right Products on Your Side

Speaking of hair moisture, let’s talk about products.

If you face extra dryness in winter, it’s time to expand your haircare tool box. Dry hair leads to more tangling (and damage), because it’s considerably weaker. With specific products that target moisture and smoothness, you can prevent future knotted hair.

Don’t forget to look for all-natural ingredients when choosing your hair products. 

  • Detangler – It seems a bit obvious to suggest detanglers for, well, detangling. But few adults keep this effective product in their routine. Avoid damaging ingredients, like parabens and silicones, and go for all-natural choices. Honest® leave-in conditioning detangler is an excellent moisturizing option that keeps knots out of hair. You may just experience one of your best hair days yet!
  • Natural Conditioner – Looking for that extra boost of moisture to ward off tangles? A deep silicone free conditioner treatment will do the trick, especially for textured hair. Stick with options that include natural nourishers like jojoba and argan oil. Check out our article on ingredients to avoid in hair products for additional information.
  • Oils – If you’re losing the battle against some massive knots, put down the kitchen scissors. Oils are the hidden secret for how to detangle matted hair without cutting a chunk off. Saturate the matted area with a good amount of oil (almost any kind is fine). With a little combing, the tangle should release. 

Knots are (K)Not for Forever

If severely matted hair is getting you down, Honest® is here to lift you up. Almost any hair type can benefit from these detangling guidelines. With patience, care, and some cute braids, your hair will be tangle-free soon enough.

For maximum hair health, consider Honest®’s selection of hair products. With all-natural ingredients, our hair treatments will bring nourishment and protection to your locks. 


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