Q&A: How Can I Apply Flawless-Looking Cream Foundation?

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Q&A: How Can I Apply Flawless-Looking Cream Foundation?

You Asked! Honest Answers

Creamy foundations are all the rage and it makes sense. These formulas are designed to provide thicker coverage that transforms into a silky, flawless finish. If you’re switching from liquid to cream versions, no worries, mastering a new technique isn’t necessary.

We went to LA-based celebrity makeup artist Hannah Biddle for her 411 on how to apply Honest Beauty’s Everything Cream Foundation

  • Honest Beauty (HB): What the keys to applying flawless cream foundation? 

    My favorite way to apply this foundation is by using a dense synthetic buffing brush. Begin by applying the foundation at the center of the face and blend outward in circular motions. This will give the most natural-looking coverage.

  • HB: How do you build coverage without looking cakey? 

    For medium coverage, use a damp fluffy sponge to apply the foundation onto the skin using a stippling motion. The stippling technique ensures great coverage with a seamless finish.

  • HB: How do you apply without streaks? 

    If using a brush, circular motions ensure a streak-free application. When using the damp sponge, the stippling motion pretty much guarantees a flawless coverage. The key here is to make sure the sponge is damp (like the beauty blender).