3 Reasons to Switch to Clean Beauty

3 Reasons to Switch to Clean Beauty

Clean beauty is more than a makeup trend. It’s changing the way celebrities, professionals and everyday babes are choosing their staple products, and we’re all for it. Going with clean beauty means filling your makeup routine with thoughtfully made products that opt for ingredients you already love like coconut oil and shea butter, all while letting your vibe shine. Here’s 3 reasons to give it more than a try:

Your Skin

Whether you’re going for that no-makeup makeup look... or not, beauty starts with your skin. So, even though we know you’re already trying to stay out of the sun and drink plenty of water, it’s also super important to pay attention to what you’re putting on your face and body every day. Filling your makeup bag with products you can trust makes keeping up your glow so much easier.

The Payoff

Yes — we repeat — yes you can get the pigment and finish you’re looking for with clean beauty products. That means no compromises when it comes to the look you want and the ingredients you feel good about using.

The Professionals Love It

The combination of happy-skin ingredients and look-achieving WORK is what makes so many professional makeup artists reach for clean beauty products. Take it from celebrity makeup artist and our very own Creative Color Consultant Daniel Martin: “Clean makeup also performs just like the rest of high-end and trend makeup... Honest Beauty means doing your skin good — bottom line.”

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