Go Bold With Natural Nail Polish

Go Bold With Natural Nail Polish

Nothing screams summer more than a fresh mani-pedi in bright, bold colors. And if you’re like us, there’s nothing better than sneaking away solo or with girlfriends for a little pampering at the nail salon because it’s fun, relatively inexpensive, and can be squeezed in during naptime.

Sometimes, though, it’s hard to choose which color or brand to use. We can be sooo indecisive when it comes to making a decision between metallic rose gold, neon yellow, and peacock blue. Not to mention one needs a chemistry degree to figure out the ingredients label!  So, there have been plenty of times we’ve just grabbed a pretty color without knowing what’s in it (mama just needed a manicure). But not surprisingly, many traditional nail polishes are known to contain a toxic trio of chemicals—toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), and formaldehyde—that are linked to cancer, asthma, hormone disruption, and birth defects.

Because nail polish labeling doesn’t always reflect the chemicals inside, we’ve rounded up our favorite “three-free” natural and non-toxic paints so you don’t have to waste time wondering at the salon or store and can enjoy your colored digits without the worry.

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Priti NYCScotch Naturals, and Zoya are brands we honestly love and pack in our makeup bag to take to the salon. Their polishes glide on smooth and stay shiny, so we breathe better (pun intended) knowing that we haven’t sacrificed style and quality. Because these colors are bold, don’t be shy about having fun with nail art either.

New to using your hands as a canvas? Take a page out of your favorite designer’s book or look to an artist for inspiration by creating an abstract, whimsical, or crazy design—we love color blocking and think it would be fun to pair a naturally painted nail with a neon-colored tip. Honest Jessica loves the idea of wearing multiple colors, incorporating stickers and designs, and even borrowing from trends she sees when traveling in Asia, like flashing a wild nail design on weekends or a fun night out. Flowers, polka dots, or glitter dusted tips your thing? Check out Pinterest and HelloGiggles for more playful inspiration.

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These brands also offer natural kid-safe polishes, which are perfect for DIY spa parties at home. (P.S. Because kids are more sensitive to chemicals, it’s best to treat them to a polish outside of the salon).

For more information on the ingredients in your nail polish, visit EWG’s skin deep database.

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