How to Fix Uneven Brows

Jul 23, 2021
How to Fix Uneven Brows

Uneven brows are a problem that can plague even the best of us at some point. Back in the 90s, the trend was thin eyebrows, today the trend is thick brows. Some people just like the look of no stray hairs, and frankly, it’s easy to get carried away. The result is brows that look uneven, which can be frustrating. While it may seem easier said than done, we share our tips for how to shape the perfect brow.

What Causes Uneven Eyebrows?


Knowing how to shape eyebrows, no matter the thickness is important. Over-plucking is probably the biggest reason behind brow asymmetry. It’s incredibly common and easy to go too far, removing too much hair, especially if you’re not experienced. This struggle of making your eyebrows look similar leads to over-plucked, thin eyebrows.

Skin Problems and Hair Loss 

Skin problems can lead to hair loss in the eyebrow area. For example, alopecia causes hair loss along the scalp and eyebrow region, which results in patchy and sparse eyebrows. 


Fun fact, Botox injections to fix crow’s feet and wrinkles around the eye and forehead area can actually lead to hair loss in your eyebrows. This is because sometimes Botox affects the surrounding muscles as well as the targeted muscles. These are corrugators, and can lead to eyebrow asymmetry.

How to Fix Uneven Eyebrows

So, how do you fix uneven eyebrows? There are a few options to fixing brows that aren’t even. First though, you should measure your brows. Measurements can help determine how much hair you need to pluck or fill, where the natural arch of your brow lies, and how long your brows should be. 


As a rule of thumb, your brows should be aligned with the outer bridge of your nose. The length of your brows are typically as long as your nose. To find these measurements, you can take a pencil and hold it against the tip of your nose, and point it straight up. This should give you an estimate of where your brows start.

You can hold the pencil at a 45-degree angle from the outer bridge of your nose tip toward the outer edge of your eye to give you an estimate of how long your brows should be. 

To find your natural arch, take a close look at your brows and find the highest point. If your brows are over-plucked or uneven due to Botox, you can line the top and bottom of your brows with a brow pencil and try to line up the peaks of your brows that way.

This technique applies to everyone even though there are many types of eye shapes and nose shapes. 


The quickest and easiest way of fixing uneven brows is by using eyebrow makeup. If you have basic makeup skills, like you know how to cover dark circles, you will be able to fill in your brows. Once you know the ideal measurements of your brows, you can use a brow gel or brow pencil to fill them in. There are a variety of brow product options available for that very purpose. Check out the Honest® Brow Kit to get full-looking brows.

The drawback of this technique is that it’s temporary and will wash off with the rest of your makeup at some point. If you want a slightly more permanent option, you can try microblading. This is essentially eyebrow tattoos. Micro-bladed brows last anywhere from six months to three years and will usually have a price tag to match.   


If you have very asymmetrical brows, there are surgical options available. However, surgery depends on the underlying cause behind your uneven brows, and the finished look you hope to achieve. 

Some cosmetic surgery options might be a brow lift, droopy eyelid surgery performed by a plastic surgeon, brow Botox, and brow-targeted procedures like micro-needling, which pokes holes in the eyebrow skin to speed up hair growth. 


Probably the most time-consuming way to fix uneven brows is simply being patient. This however is only relevant in cases where uneven brows are caused by over-plucking or something like Botox.

You can patiently wait for your brows to grow back and then, after properly measuring, groom them accordingly. Note that it might be better to visit a brow specialist if you want to minimize your risks of additional mishaps. To speed up eyebrow hair growth, you can use oils like castor oil or olive oil, and serums designed to stimulate hair growth. 

In the case of Botox, any unevenness will last as long as the Botox does. Your muscles typically will relax after a week or two though, which can help quite a bit.

We live in an era of filters and heavy editing. That unrealistic image can make it difficult to accept perceived imperfection in yourself. Instead, strive to accept and embrace your imperfections, even small ones like asymmetrical brows. After all, at Honest® we believe they’re part of what makes you uniquely you, and YOU are pretty special!


We aim to provide you with the most honest and credible information possible. This article was reviewed for accuracy by The Honest Team and was written based on trusted sources that are linked at the bottom of the article.

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