The Perfect Pairings for Your Fresh-Faced Look

The Perfect Pairings for Your Fresh-Faced Look


The secret to a glowing makeup look is that it takes more than makeup. Prepping your skin and face with conditioning products before application is the step the true pros won’t skip. Here’s how to get this fresh-faced look with our go-to products and their skin-loving sidekicks.





Step 1: Condition your skin with our Glow Primer to keep your skin looking smooth and pigment lasting long.


Step 2: Dab on a bit Crème Blush starting at the apples of your cheeks and moving up the cheekbones.





Step 1: Prep your under eye with our Depuff Eye Gel to brighten tired eyes and reduce puffiness.


Step 2: Apply our Mascara + Primer to your lashes to open the eyes and create a full, long lash look.





Step 1: Apply Magic Beauty Balm to your lips to moisturize and smooth out any dry spots.


Step 2: Finish your look with our Strawberry Kiss Lip Crayon.

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