How To Exfoliate Your Face Gently and Thoroughly

Jan 16, 2020

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No matter what kind of skin type you have, pores get clogged. All of the dirt, makeup, sweat, and other environmental elements, make their way deep into your skin and hang out uninvited. Over time, these elements lead to acne breakouts and cause your face to lose its lustrous glow. That’s where gentle exfoliation comes in handy. To clean the skin's surface, remove stubborn blackheads and gently smooth the skin, exfoliation is key. 

What is Exfoliation?

So, what does exfoliating do? Exfoliating removes dead skin cells at the surface of your skin, which leads to a brighter complexion. There are two types of exfoliation: mechanical exfoliation (which uses a physical exfoliant like a sugar scrub or facial scrub tool) and chemical exfoliation (as in a chemical peel or a different chemical exfoliant). This article will focus on physical exfoliation, as this is the exfoliation method you will complete at home. When combined with the right clean beauty products, it can further nourish and hydrate the skin to maintain a healthy appearance. While it’s nice to get a professional facial from a dermatologist every once in a while, it’s less expensive and more convenient to exfoliate the skin at home. 

If you’re not sure how to exfoliate your face properly, start with a washcloth, facial puff, or clean hands. Choose an exfoliant that has salicylic acid or glycolic acid, which helps to break down dirt and grime and get rid of dead and dull skin cells. Start with a clean face. Then, gently apply the exfoliating scrub all over the face (avoiding the lips and eyes) in circular motions. 

Rinse off the product using lukewarm water and pat the face dry. Follow up with a moisturizer, serum, eye cream, and any other beauty products that are part of your regular nighttime routine. Keep in mind you don’t have to apply an exfoliator across the face entirely. If you feel like your pores are congested in certain areas, such as your t-zone, focus working in most of the product to that area only. Even though the goal is to remove old skin and Mud Mask, you also want to preserve any healthy, balanced areas of your face as well.

How Often Should You Exfoliate Your Face?

Your skin’s natural condition and type makes a difference in how often you need to exfoliate, as this will determine how your skin will react to it. If you are wondering about how to exfoliate sensitive skin that has been exposed to acne breakouts, for example, consult with your dermatologist first. If you are prone to blemishes or have chronic breakouts, even gentle exfoliation products can further aggravate the skin, contributing to further irritation. Limit the use of natural exfoliants to once a week, if at all, and use a milder product on your face. 

Those with oily skin can exfoliate several times a week, while combination skin should stick with exfoliating at home two to three times a week to achieve smoother skin. Exfoliation frequency also depends on seasonal shifts. It’s common to experience clogged pores during the summer due to excessive sweat and dirt buildup. However, the cooler months of winter can cause dry flaky skin. In this case, the benefits of exfoliating your face include the ability to slough away dry patches and create softer and more radiant skin.

Make Exfoliation Part of Your Normal Skincare Routine

Depending on your skin type, exfoliate as often as necessary as an added step to your daily skincare routine. First, remove all makeup before you go to bed. It prevents clogged pores. Even if you’re too tired to do anything else, taking off the day’s makeup should be as habitual as brushing your teeth. Decide if you want to use a gentle cleanser, exfoliating scrub, or a combination of both, as your face wash. 

Some facial cleansers are specially designed to dig deeper into pores as they cleanse (like a face scrub with beads or another physical exfoliant). Others are better suited as a daily cleanser, when exfoliation isn’t necessary. The Magic Gel-to-Milk Cleanser is gentle enough to use on an everyday basis and leaves the skin feeling fresh and smooth. When used as a base before the extra step of exfoliation, it helps to wipe away all the impurities of the day while nourishing and enhancing your natural skin glow.

After the face is clean, apply a hydrating moisturizer for quick absorption to the face and neck. Follow up with an under eye cream, face serum, and lip balm for a complete skincare routine. As an alternative to regular exfoliation, use a detoxifying face mask once or twice a week that will give your skin a deep clean without being too aggressive. 

The creamy formula of the 3-in-1 Detox Mud Mask is like having a spa day at home. The combination of ingredients, which include activated charcoal and shea butter, removes impurities, helps to minimize the appearance of pores, and leaves the skin feeling soft. However you incorporate exfoliation into your skincare regimen, leave enough time between treatments to give your skin time to rejuvenate on its own.

At-Home Care for Smoother, Brighter Looking Skin

It doesn’t take long to give your skin an exfoliating scrub, either with a washcloth and a gentle cleanser or by using a product with active ingredients to unclog pores and remove dirt and impurities from the face. As long as you keep your routine consistent, you can say so long to dead skin cells and continuously make room for new ones. 

Adding in facial exfoliants will leave your complexion smoother and brighter. Get your glow back in the comfort of your own home with natural exfoliating products.

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