10 Reasons Everyone Should Carry Honest Wipes

10 Reasons Everyone Should Carry Honest Wipes

Scoff if you will, but even if you don’t have a baby, there are a myriad of reasons to have sanitizer wipes on hand when you’re at home or out and about. If you’ve never stopped to consider it, take a moment now to read through these 10 reasons to stash an extra pack in a kitchen drawer or carry them in your purse, carry-on bag, car...

  1. Refresh. Use wipes to quickly refresh skin after working out or anytime you break a sweat.
  2. Clean hands. Maybe you already carry hand sanitizer for keeping bugs at bay on-the-go, but did you know you have to remove dirt from your skin first or the hand sanitizer won’t work as well? Wipe first, rub second.
  3. Wipe-down dirty public surfaces everywhere. The world's a messy place. Use wipes to clean dirt off of airline trays, dusty outdoor seating, and sandy playground toys.
  4. Spiff up your shoes. Give your shoes a quick swipe with a wipe to help remove scuff marks, mud, and muck.
  5. Cool down on hot days. If you’re feeling steamy, grab a wipe and chill out. Use refrigerated wipes to dampen your forehead, neck, and wrists. 
  6. Keep your tech tools clean. Wipe down keyboards, white boards, and touch screens. And don’t forget your personal computer, cell phone, and home phone!
  7. Erase evidence of spills. Maybe your soup splattered or you had a coffee catastrophe  — have no fear, the wipe is here. Dab away, wipes hold up to this job far better than tissues or paper towels.
  8. Wipe off play-time dirt. Did someone take a tumble at the park? Give dirty elbows and knees a quick swipe.
  9. Dust your dashboard. Grab a wipe to quickly clean the dust and grime that accumulates on your dashboard, steering wheel, and other hard surfaces.
  10. Wipe away that yoga drip. A sweaty yoga mat sure can ruin your namaste! When you feel that sweat dripping down during downward dog or warrior pose, use a wipe on your yoga mat to soak it up.

See how wipes can help you be prepared for life’s unexpected messes? And Honest wipes are extra thick and durable, built to stand-up to tough jobs.

This post was revised as of 6/2/2017.

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