12 Must Haves for Going on a Bike Picnic

12 Must Haves for Going on a Bike Picnic

National Bike Month. Spring air. The weekend. This fresh bicycle print. All things point to going on a bike picnic. But what should you bring?

Whether you’re up for pedaling around town or in the country, we’ve got a round up that will make for a fun season of outdoor leisure and play. Pack some fruit salad, put on some sunscreen, and grab your helmets because the perfect park spot awaits…

1. Give “ReCycle” new meaning when you take a spin on this U.S. made bike built from 100% used aluminum.

2. The Asungtaba bicycle basket makes a beautiful accessory for carrying your lunchtime goodies from the farmers’ market. Handwoven from tropical grass colored with natural dyes, this basket also provides economic independence, health insurance, a library, and scholarship fund to over 1000 Ghanaian women and their families.

3. Give your friends a ring and let them know it’s time to hit the road with this classic brass strike bell.

4. Inspire little ones to be bike enthusiasts with this eco-friendly Smart Balance Bike — encouraging them to give two-wheelers a try.

5. Spread out and enjoy your lunch on this handmade, non-toxic waterproof picnic blanket from SewnNatural, which can be rolled up and carried on the go.

6. We’ve got you covered! In addition to wearing protective sun gear, don’t forget to use mineral sunscreen on any exposed skin.

7. Play it safe and ride in style with this chic woodgrain helmet.

8. Flies and pesky bugs are a picnic buzz kill! Keep them away with organic bug spray.

9. A backpack makes it easy to carry your food as you pedal your way to your picnic destination.

10. Linger after your picnic lunch and have your little artist illustrate a scene from nature or a moment from her bike trip.

11. Kids’ helmets come in endless styles and designs, so let them pick their own so they get excited about wearing it when riding.

12.  No picnic is complete without a game of frisbee, so try your hand with this Green Toys Ecosaucer Flying Disc.

What are your favorite bike picnic must haves? Let us know, so we can add to the list for our next outing!

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