5 Ways to Enjoy a Safe & Healthy Independence Day

5 Ways to Enjoy a Safe & Healthy Independence Day

The Fourth of July is a celebration of our nation’s birthday and the freedoms of summer. And we want you to enjoy living in the moment of BBQs, pool parties, and fireworks without any worry. So, we’ve rounded up five ways you can safely preserve your Independence Day traditions and make lasting memories for years to come.


Keep Fireworks Fun. Fireworks are the highlight of July 4th celebrations, but they also can be dangerous. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that 200 people on average wind up in the ER on a daily basis with fireworks-related injuries around the holiday. Ouch! To make sure your day ends with a (positive) bang, check that fireworks are legal in your community. If so, always have adults oversee at-home fireworks festivities while children enjoy them from a safe distance. The person igniting the fireworks should light one at a time, back away quickly, and never return to relight a dud. Although your little ones may want in on this sparkling action, consider skipping sparklers in favor of a fire-free DIY. The real things burn at 2000 degrees (hot enough to melt some metals and severely hurt skin). So, it’s important to keep a bucket of water and hose handy. Or reduce the risk of injuries and make the more eco-friendly choice (there’s less waste) by attending public fireworks shows.

Be Pet Friendly. Our four-legged friends might not love a good crowd or fireworks show as much as we do, so keep them safe from the loud noise by giving them a comfortable space in an escape-proof room of your home. This keeps them out of harms way by limiting their exposure to at-home fireworks that can cause burns to their paws/face or pose a danger if ingested due to the possibility of containing toxic substances.

Bike Safe. Fourth of July parades are a big deal, especially in the kiddos’ world. Who doesn’t love decorating their bike with red, white, and blue flair? Ensure that your children can show off their patriotic rides by having them wear their helmets to protect against accidents (caregivers should sport them, too). Look to make sure the helmets meet the CPSC safety standard.

Make sure the day goes swimmingly. Beach days and pool parties are a great way to cool down on July 4th. The American Red Cross’s water safety recommendations and Mother Nature Network’s “The Seriously Surprising Signs of Drowning” provide a good swimming refresher before jumping in. Check them out so you can enjoy fun in the sun.

Food Worth Eating. Picnic or BBQ plans? With all the excitement of the day, don’t rush to prepare your food. Follow Christopher Gavigan’s grilling tips, the Founding Fathers’ 4 Steps to Food Safety (USA.gov), and the USDA’s guidelines for keeping food safe in warmer temps. Eat from reusable or biodegradable dishes and utensils to reduce the impact of disposables on the planet, too!

Are there any other Independence Day safety tips you’d add to this list? Please share in the comments below.

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