A Back to School DIY: Totes for Toddlers (+ Moms)

A Back to School DIY: Totes for Toddlers (+ Moms)

DIY Back to School Tote Bag

Back to school time doesn’t always have to mean spending a lot of money. There are lots of fun and inexpensive activities you can do with your child to get them ready for their first day back.

A canvas tote always comes in handy, and we thought it might be fun to personalize one that you can use for your child’s books, lunch, or just that extra set of clothes for when things get a little too messy.

Get inspired with our easy tips for craft time with your kiddo!

DIY Back to School Tote Matierals


  • Canvas Tote
  • Fabric Paint (non-toxic)
  • Paint Brush
  • Pencil
  • Painters Tape
  • Stencils


1) Place a paper bag inside your tote to create a barrier between the front and back of the tote.

Taping Your Tote Design

2) Play with painter’s tape, stencils, and more to create the design and layout of your bag. Keep going until you have just the look you want!

Painting a Monogram on Your School Tote

Painting Your Tote Design

3) Now get your paint on! If you are using stencils, be sure to place the painter’s tape along the edges to hold them in place before starting to paint.

DIY Back to School Tote for Toddlers and Moms

Honest Tips:

  • Match the paint color and design to your little ones likes/personality!
  • Personalize your tote with your little biscuit’s initials.
  • Add a full phrase like “Teddy’s Tote,” “2 Cool 4 Skool,” or an Honest favorite “Totes Magotes.”

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