April Fools! 5 Silly & Safe Ways to Prank

April Fools! 5 Silly & Safe Ways to Prank

Though its exact origins remain a mystery, April Fools' Day is widely known for its lighthearted fun and well… foolishness. For parents especially, April 1st is a chance to be playful and show the little ones your silly side. Check out five honestly fun jokes that are sure to make for a full day of laughs!

5 Silly & Safe Ways to Prank

April Fools! 5 Silly & Safe Ways to Prank

1. Cereal swap: Switch up the cereal bags so that when your kids go to pour a bowl of their usual rice puffs they are surprised to find dad’s bran flakes instead. This simple trick is always good for some giggles, and who knows, you may even get them to try something new!

2. Growth spurt gimmick: Stuff the toes of your kiddos shoes with cotton balls. When they get dressed in the morning they’ll think their shoes are two sizes too small!

3. Undrinkable juice: Make up a batch of colored gelatin and pour it into your child’s favorite cup; you can even drop a in straw for added effect. When you give them their “juice” with breakfast they will be so surprised to find they can’t actually take a sip.

4. Candy crushed: As much as we try to avoid it, kids love sweets. Luckily this is a lollipop you can let them have. Poke a paper lollipop stick into a cherry tomato (or other round fruit or veggie) and wrap with a piece of tissue paper. Your kids will crack up when they unwrap their "treat" only to find a tomato.

April Fools! 5 Silly & Safe Ways to Prank

5. Storybook mix-up: When you go to tuck your tots into bed, pick out one of their favorite storybooks. Start off by reading it as written, but then slowly mix in your own plot twists.  Even if your kids can't read yet, they'll know that something is up and will find it really funny when the tale takes a turn. Simply switching the characters names with the names of your family members -- or the names of the household pets -- will be enough to get them going.

What are some of your April Fools' Day jokes? Share your stories with us below!


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