Christopher Shares What It Honestly Means to Be a Dad

Christopher Shares What It Honestly Means to Be a Dad

Fatherhood is, for me, one of life’s greatest gifts. It’s no coincidence that I have four children — I simply love being a dad. But as much as it’s a gift, it’s also one of life’s greatest responsibilities. I look at my children…I see vulnerability and strength and goodness in its most pure form. And I feel an incredible duty to raise giving and thoughtful humans who are there for one another and our planet.

It isn’t easy. I struggle as every parent does. How do you both foster them and allow them to embrace their own individuality? How do you raise daughters who can be empowered and not feel the need to ask permission. How do you raise sons who can be gentle in a world that glorifies aggression. And…how do you ever give them enough of your time and attention? I think about that often. And I try to be conscious of quality over quantity. I’m also trying to ease up on myself every once in a while. We all need to.

At the end of the day, I’m doing my best to just be present through all of it...laughing and loving and embracing the joy of this crazy ride. Recently, after a long day of going here and there, I spent the afternoon with my son — my eldest — playing in the ocean. We ran and jumped and laughed like little kids…pure happiness. At one point, he turned to me and said “Dad, you’re the best dad ever”. And it hit me so hard. These are the moments that make everything so clear. Because when I think about my legacy…if they said that I was a great father, that would be the greatest compliment anyone could give.

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