Honest Stories @alittlealeja

Sep 24, 2020
Honest Stories @alittlealeja

Image shared by @ridaalisahibzada

"Since my daughter got diagnosed with eczema, I have to be watchful and cautious of the products I use on her. All of them have to be dye-free, fragrance-free and free of harsh chemicals. Be it her detergent, soap, moisturizer or wipes. Wipes, especially! With this almost one year old I have to use a ton of wipes everyday. Whether it’s the dirt in the backyard or constantly wiping her face and hands while she smears her oats and pasta sauce on her face while eating. My personal favorite are these honest wipes. 100% plant-based baby wipes, made with over 99% water and gentle on sensitive skin." Honest story shared by @ridaalisahibzada

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