Honest Stories @hastalaglam

Oct 30, 2020
Honest Stories @hastalaglam

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"Dreamy beauty brands that work are my absolute favorite. Being in my 30s skincare is super important to me and #honestbeauty isn’t your average beauty brand. Healthy skin is their go to and I can honestly say I’m hooked! From their liquid eyeliner, vitamin C serum to a hydro cream that literally gives my skin so much moisture, I have to say I will be trying out more of their products because they make your skin feel so good! I normally have major sensitive skin but none of the products have given me any type of reaction, especially my rosacea that flares up with certain products. I also love that their prices are pretty budget friendly, especially for this mama! Although, it can add up quite quick if buying multiple products, in the end I can truly say their products are so worth it! " Honest story shared by @hastalaglam

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