Honest Stories @sarah_rholmes

Jul 23, 2021
Honest Stories @sarah_rholmes

Image shared by @sarah_rholmes

"4 months old (2 weeks late): Joshua is now 15 lbs! He is the smiliest little ray of sunshine, and has begun laughing often now. He has fully entered stranger danger and separation anxiety this month, his favorite people remain mom and dad. He loves to stand up or be seated where he can look around and see the world, but has no interest in rolling over whatsoever. He has found his voice this month and is always babbling and screeching in delight. He went on his first church retreat/trip to the mountains this weekend and was such a trooper. Favorites include: chewing his hands, being sung to, mom and dad. Dislikes: his car seat, church nursery." Honest story shared by @sarah_rholmes

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