Honest Stories @thekalemama

Feb 17, 2021
Honest Stories @thekalemama

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"Ro caught a bug in addition to teething so this has been the most skin-to-skin we’ve had since he was a few months old. I missed this! I missed him not being able to run off on me. He’s been so clingy and cuddly but I’ve enjoyed every bit of it. The newborn/baby stage goes by so quick and before you know it they are running off with the plug (see what I did there) In addition to your choice of remedy for a fever I highly recommend Skin to skin. Did you know that your body actually helps regulate the temperature of your baby? That is the coolest thing to me! So in addition to skin-to-skin we have been breastfeeding on demand, drinking lots of water and getting much needed rest; He seems to be feeling better already. I will enjoy these last couple moments of stillness because if anyone else has a toddler boy you know stillness doesn’t exist. Be still my child, Mommy is enjoying this more than you know." Honest story shared by @thekalemama

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