How to Gift the Woman Who is Your Everything (Hi, Mom)

How to Gift the Woman Who is Your Everything (Hi, Mom)

On Mother’s Day (and every day), all moms are basically royalty. Even on the days she’s just not feeling it on the mamahood front, she rallies for you. So what do you give the women who are your actual everything? Don’t stress — we’ve got a few ideas worthy of the mom (or grandma, or sister, or mentor) who taught you all you need to know in life. Roll out the red carpet and whip up a crown of daisies...this is how you give your mama tribe the royal treatment, Honest style.

What to give the woman who is your everything



Lives for at-home spa days

Self-care isn’t occasional, it’s ritual. And she swears it’s how she manages stress so well.

What to give the woman who is your everything


Works out more than you do

She’s putting in more miles than your SUV to prep for her next race. Respect.



Has (at least) 3 lip colors in her bag

Variety is everything, she always said — in life, in love, in lipstick.



Loves her skincare routine more than sleeping

We can’t relate, but we can keep her stocked on all the essentials.



Takes her mini plus-one with her everywhere

They really are the cutest pair — on Instagram and in real life. You only want the best for them.



Is prepping for mamahood with a mission

She’s checking her labels twice and only clean ingredients makes the cut.


  • prenatal multivitamins with a carefully formulated whole foods-based formula that supports mama and baby*
  • organic belly balm made with nourishing omega oils, cocoa butter and coconut oil
  • a sheer lip crayon for a soft wash of color that also helps keep lips moisturized


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** For children under the age of 2, consult a pediatrician.

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