How to Throw an Awesome Party for Your Animal-Obsessed Little One

Feb 7, 2019
How to Throw an Awesome Party for Your Animal-Obsessed Little One

This year, our boss babe Jessica kicked off her 2020 celebrating her littlest one Hayes’ second birthday (time flies, right?!). We’re still smiling from all the fun we had that day, so we wanted to share her tips with our Honest fam on how to throw an amazingly easy, yet totally awesome kid’s birthday party. Here’s a few steps that Jessica always sticks to:

1) Pick a Theme

The best parties are always themed out. Not only does it create wow-factor, but it actually makes it easier on you when you’re picking out everything from decor to food. 

Haysie is so into Alpaca’s and Llamas right now. Which is exactly what inspired our new Target Exclusive Up, Up and Away and All the Alpacas diaper prints. So, it was only fitting that Hayes party was full of his favorite furry friends.  

We’re going to give tons of recos for Llamas and Alpaca party gear, but you can totally make it your own and pick your kid’s favorite animal, too!

2) Do Up the Decor

From top to bottom this party was a stunner and you wouldn’t believe how easy it was to put together. Here’s what Jessica picked up from Target and a few more decorations we’re obsessing over. 

Fun Forks 

Cool Spoons

Snacks by Good and Gather

Reusable Bowls

Color Cordinated Placemats

Bibs for messy babes 

Cute blankets 

On-Theme Pinata 

Adorbale napkins

3) Get Decked Out

The whole hosting fam has got to have their fit on point. Get the cutest head-to-toe outfits for mom, dad, and the birthday babe.

4) Don’t Forget the Essentials 

It’s easy to get focused on all the pretty stuff, but with lots of little invitees, there’s bound to be lots of diaper changes, too. Set up a DIY diaper changing station for your friends, so they can quickly take care of business and get back to the fun.

All you need to do is set out a table with a diaper changing pillow on top and fill it with a couple packs your your fave diaper prints in different sizes. Don’t forget the wipes and diaper rash cream.

5) Feed the Crowd

Fun fact, both llamas and alpacas are mainly from Peru. So, Jessica decided to serve delicious peruvian food to her guests. It was bomb. There’s two ways to follow in her footsteps. 

You can find a few recipes online and DIY. In this case, it’s best to choose dishes you can make the night before and heat up. Or you can hire a local food truck or catering company. 

6) Add a Teaching Moment

To keep those little brains learning, llama and alpaca fun facts were sprinkled throughout the party. Here are some of our faves: 

  • BOTH llamas and alpaca will spit on you! All camelids spit or stick out their tongue when they are annoyed.

  • Llamas are much larger weighing up to 400 pounds, while alpacas normally weigh between 120 and 150 pounds.

  • Looking for a new family pet? Both are very intelligent, easily trained, gentle and very curious. 

  • Llamas don’t smell as bad as most animals, in fact their poop has very little to no smell.

7) Send Them Off with Extra Love

Party favors are a fun way to say thank you to your guests and help them keep memories of an awesome day. Each guest at the party took home their own alpaca stuffy. They even got to name them!

P.S. if you’re obsessed with our Llama and Alpaca prints you can only get them at Target and

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