Love to Lovey Ya: Answers on Bonding and Blankets

Love to Lovey Ya: Answers on Bonding and Blankets


As grownups, we all comfort ourselves in different ways, but there's a reason it's still called a security blanket. Whether it was an actual blanket, a favorite stuffed animal, or a combination of the two (aka: a lovey), the connection between babies and these beloved items is something parents--and children--remember forever.

Yet, there comes a point when many parents ask: What's the right age to let go of the lovey (if there even is one)? Is it cute or is it a concern? Fortunately for us, our friends at Stroller Traffic have some answers! Here's a sneak peek:

Clearly, little children have a thing for soft blankies. As moms, we find the attachment sweet at times, frustrating at others. We took our questions to Dr. Aliza Pressman of Seedlings Group, who helped us understand the importance and lifecycle of lovies.

What role can a security blanket play? 

A security object or "lovey" is a transitional object that can provide comfort to a child when his primary source of comfort (typically a parent) is not there. That's why they abound in preschool cubbies and at bedtime. They can also help children adapt to a new environment or simply calm down when they feel upset. 

Are certain children more in need of one than others?

Some children are more interested in security objects than others. It really depends on the child's temperament and what they find helps them feel better in the face of stress. You can introduce a security object to a child, then let her be the guide for when and how she will use it. 

When is the right time to introduce one?

As soon as an infant understands the concept of object permanence (that things and people exist even when they are out of sight), signs of distress at separation may occur. That is the most helpful time to introduce a security object. This cognitive skill usually clicks between 5 and 10 months. 

Is there a "right way" or a "wrong way" to introduce one?

It's always helpful if mom's smell is on a security blanket. You can introduce it as something to hold while feeding or being soothed; slowly it will become a helpful tool to calm down. 

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