Meet Chelsea Aaron

May 28, 2020
Meet Chelsea Aaron

Mama of five, Maui, HI

Meet Chelsea, one of our Honest Coolest Parents Ever

HONEST: Why do you use Honest?

CHELSEA: Honest is a staple in our family. I love knowing that the products I use are hypoallergenic and made from plant-derived materials. I also love the option to choose products that are free of synthetic fragrances, latex and other chemical additives.

HONEST: What is your favorite parenting hack?

CHELSEA: One of my favorite parenting hacks is the vacuum or hair dryer hack. I've had a couple babies with colic and for some reason every time we turned on the vacuum or the hair dryer the baby would instantly stop crying and fall asleep or become completely content.

HONEST: What is your favorite Honest diaper print ever?

CHELSEA: My favorite Honest prints ever are the new Summer prints! I'm planning on stocking up so my baby can use them year round!

HONEST: What makes you an Honest parent?

CHELSEA: I like to take the path less traveled and think outside the box while raising my children. We homeschool, travel the world together, introduce our kids to new ideas and viewpoints, and I like to choose compassion over control.

HONEST: What are your favorite Honest products?

CHELSEA: Summer Diaper Prints, Truly Calming Lavender Bathtime Routine, Glow On Body Oil, Dish Soap

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