Meet Jesse Billauer

May 29, 2020
Meet Jesse Billauer

Dad of twin boys, Los Angeles, CA

Meet Jesse, one of our Honest Coolest Parents Ever

HONEST: Why do you use Honest?

JESSE: When I found out that this company is all about safety and transparency, I was hooked right in. I want to provide my kids the happiest and healthiest lives possible and that includes everyday necessities like diapers, bathing products and laundry detergent.

HONEST: What is your favorite parenting hack?

JESSE: Be prepared for everything. Pack a little bit of this and a little bit of that, and try to enjoy these moments, good or bad, because time flies and tomorrow is never guaranteed.

HONEST: What is your favorite Honest diaper print ever?

JESSE: Hands down the skulls print because it brings me back to when I was younger and used to skate and surf everyday.

HONEST: What makes you an Honest parent?

JESSE: I don’t let my surfing accident stop me from still surfing around the world and taking my kids with me.

HONEST: What are your favorite Honest products?

JESSE: Bubble Bath, Soothing Therapy Body Wash and Honest Diapers - Classic Skull print

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