Ready, Safe, Go: Preparing for Back-In-Session Learning

Aug 9, 2020
Ready, Safe, Go: Preparing for Back-In-Session Learning

No matter what is on the horizon for you and your little ones this fall, Honest has your back. Whether classrooms are up + running, online courses are ready for enrollment, or homeschooling is the move, we’ve stocked up on protective essentials to keep little faces + hands safe, happy and ready for the road ahead.

We'll Help You Stay Covered

We have a shared responsibility to protect each other, and that starts with protective face coverings. Whether your little one is gearing up to get back in the classroom with friends + teachers or you’re taking a little study break outside, help get your kids comfortable wearing their mask regularly. Practice now around the house, showing them how to adjust the fit and teaching them the importance of covering both mouth + nose.

Honest Cotton Face Masks come in both adult + child sizes with a bendable nose wire and easy-to-adjust silicone sliders on elastic ear loops for a perfectly secure fit. Soft + comfy, these masks are made from 100% cotton, can easily be machine washed + dried for continued wear and come with 5 optional filters that slip right into their built-in pocket. Available in multiple solid colors and playful prints, make it fun by matching your child’s mask with your own!

We’ll Help Keep Little Hands Safe

Start to teach your little one about the importance of regular hand sanitization. For bigger messes (think: sticky fingers), Keepin’ It Clean Alcohol Sanitizer Wipes will gently wipe off the excess mess. For a quicker fix, Hand Sanitizer Spray comes in perfectly portable 2oz bottles and can be sprayed on curious fingers directly after touching toys, books, and surfaces to kill 99.9% of germs. Our Honest formula dries quickly without any sticky residue, so your kid can go right back to learning.

Travel-sized Face + Body Lotion is good to keep around (in cars + backpacks and on desks + computer tables!) to moisturize and nourish skin after so much sanitizing. Our sanitizer formulas are made with aloe, but the alcohol required to kill germs will cause drying no matter what–moisturizer is your best friend right now.

We'll Help Keep Your Home Clean

As your kids are more regularly coming in and out of the house (whether to and from school, other public places, or simply your backyard), keep your indoor surfaces (like computer screens, tables, and countertops) clean + safe. Honest Disinfecting Antibacterial Spray is made without harsh chemicals and chlorine bleach, so little hands are safe to touch anywhere you spray.

While the unpredictability of our current circumstances can get overwhelming and a bit scary, it’s important to remember that we are all in this together. We are all developing new clean routines, and getting used to all of the extra protective measures. Lean on Honest to make sure you have trusted, safe cleaners to keep your whole fam protected, and make sure that you’re taking all of this day by day. You got this!

We aim to provide you with the most honest and credible information possible. This article was reviewed for accuracy by The Honest Team and was written based on trusted sources that are linked at the bottom of the article.

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